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Trump asked for donations after searching his Florida mansion

Trump asked for donations after searching his Florida mansion

Miami, August 9 (EFE).- Former US President Donald Trump asked for private donations on his website on Tuesday to counter the “witch hunt” he claims to be suffering, a day after the FBI (United States Federal Police) probed March. A-Lago, the president’s mansion in Palm Beach, southeast Florida, where the company was looking for official documents.

In a letter to subscribers of his digital platform, Trump exposed what he believes to be “political persecution and a witch hunt” and asked for support to continue the fight for “the great American people.”

The former US president is urging supporters to “please rush” to donate “immediately” to support him publicly “against this endless witch hunt”.

“Now, seeing my endorsed candidates win big and seeing my dominance in every poll, they are once again trying to stop the GOP and me,” the president says in the letter, which repeats what he said in his first statement Monday. , noted, “These are dark times for the nation.”

A court on Tuesday allowed a US House committee to access the reports, according to The New York Times, a day after FBI agents began searching official documents at Trump’s Florida mansion. Income tax of the former President.

The Justice Department’s decision comes a year after the U.S. Supreme Court ordered Trump to turn over his tax returns to an attorney in New York investigating his finances.

A New York Times version of the documents sought by the FBI at Mar-a-Lago included classified material that Trump allegedly took from the White House instead of being given to the historical archive, as required by law.

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