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Facebook is betting on entertainment to produce digital marketing lessons for companies like yours

Facebook is betting on entertainment to produce digital marketing lessons for companies like yours

Social networking has long become the sales and branding platform for small and micro businesses. In a country with more cell phones, it couldn’t be any different.

Focusing on this audience, Facebook for years (under the Facebook Corporate umbrella) has developed a function to promote the use of its digital marketing tools among small businesses, through training courses and tutorials.

The novelty is that these contents, which were previously more educational, are now encapsulated with more information Showbiz. This Wednesday, the 12th, Facebook launches the web series Promote my business (“Impulsione Meu Negócios”), which has releases in the US and UK, and is now gaining its Brazilian version.

Cadija Tissiani, the Facebook executive who is leading the project, explains:

“We have always taken a more educational and hands-on approach to how to better use our platforms. Boost My Business is the first time that we have taken a more creative approach and added an entertainment component.”

With a presentation by Britta Gill, there will be four episodes, approximately 12 minutes long, each focusing on a different action and streamed via Facebook Watch (Check it out on Instagram Draft The first episode is complete.)

“In the context of a complex epidemic, where people are consuming more digital content, we feel the need for an approach that inspires entrepreneurs more and provides advice in a light and fun way,” says Cadija.

The first episode of the series is dedicated to free soul food

Mayra da Costa, 39, is the lead in the first episode. It is advanced Free soul food, A buffet favoring the employment of black and immigrant women and the conscious use of food.

Maíra, created in the northern region of São Paulo, is a training printer; He worked in the region when he spent four years in Carpi, northern Italy. There, he faced the hardships of immigrant life and found himself still intolerant to lactose, which changed his relationship with food.

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On her return to Brazil, in 2016, she founded her trading company – which over the years has moved from B2C to B2B.

“Free Soul started out as healthy food. After that, we ended up being found by companies that asked for a budget for company events – and we specialize in that kind of event.”

In Italy, Mayra introduced the concept of “zero kilometers”, which is the privilege of purchasing inputs from local suppliers, to reduce CO2 emissions, and implemented the idea in Free Soul. Another suggestion is the full use of food:

“We produce about 50% less waste than traditional food companies. If we make passion fruit juice for an event, the skin is used for jelly. From bananas, the peel becomes vegetarian” crazy meat … “

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Mayra says she, at first, targeted the end consumer, and used Facebook for sales, which is linked to e-commerce.

Mayra Da Costa, Entrepreneur at Free Soul Food.

Still at B2C, as delivery apps (like Food and UberEats) became their main channel, their use of networking changed. “Facebook has become, for me, a tool for generating brand visibility and consistency – especially for finding strategic partnerships.”

That’s how it got on corporate radar and changed its focus. In parallel, Maíra joined the Facebook Leaders Network.

“It’s a program in which entrepreneurs step in to be a part of it,” Cadija explains. As they are accepted, they receive exclusive content [sobre marketing e gestão] And more dedicated support from our team. “

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A free spirit evolved. In 2019, he won a tender and started managing two food points within the company.

“That year was the best in Free Soul history. We serve more than 10 thousand people, earn nearly a million riyals, and generate continuous income for more than 40 people …”

Until March 2020, the Coronavirus forced Mayra to cancel all events (scheduled until the second half) and postpone expansion plans.

Worse, in the middle of the change of headquarters, work was delayed – and work was inactive for four months.

Weekly life and a new product helped the company survive

“A lot of people in Brazil are doing out of necessity,” says Cadija of Facebook. “The epidemic has intensified from this, and the number of small businesses has increased, with many people being laid off.”

If the competition gets more fierce, then digitization has accelerated. According to data from Serasa Experian, 70% of small businesses are heading to online sales in this pandemic.

Mayra had to turn her eyes to B2C. The widespread prevalence of remote work has indicated the path of:

“In March 2020, I saw a survey on LinkedIn that said that 40% of people in the home office do not eat full meals, and 70% do not get physically active. I was affected a lot.”

From Free Soul’s internal survey of 400 customers, I come to some conclusions. “People were even trying to solve the food problem by themselves, but in a catastrophic way, they didn’t know what to buy, and how to prepare …”

Maíra started making a weekly life, by teaching vegetarian recipes. Another feature was the creation of a new product, the Inclusive Cart, to facilitate the routine for those who wanted “just-in-time homemade food” [de preparo] the pasta “:

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“We send sterilized vegetables, fried rice, pre-cooked beans and spices … all divided and in this healthy line.”

Abolish the “each of the seven heads” chapter from digital marketing

Inclusive Basket was launched in mid-2020. Around this time, it received an invitation to participate in Boost My Business, through the Facebook Leaders Network that it was already a part of.

The project, Mayra says, came at a “very easy” moment.

“I had this new product, I’m trying to use the tools to promote it and I didn’t know how. After that, people at Boost My Business suggested running a campaign with Rollers. People were using it a lot, and I thought it was beautiful, but I had no idea how to use it … ”

Behind the scenes, this connection lasted for about a month, with Mayra receiving input from Marina Cosner, a Facebook digital marketing specialist.

“I’ve never used advertising tools well, and I haven’t pinpointed a lot of target audience,” says Maíra. “Marina made me understand that she is not a seven-headed insect.”

Responsible for João Jardim (documentary co-director Unusual garbageOscar-nominated in 2011), the recording itself took three days. In the video, Britta Gill triangles the interactions between Mayra and Marina, all in their home office.

“Then the magic happens: The businessman learns from Brita, the businessman learns from the Facebook specialist, and Britta learns together,” says Cadija. “These people are reinventing themselves in the shadow of this pandemic, and they have a creative and inspiring story … It’s nice to see.”

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