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Brasília has completed 63 years as the music barn of the world

Brasília, which celebrates its 63rd birthday this Friday (21/04), is a veritable music barn, with diverse talents ranging from the most established artists to new and promising artists. Among the most famous, who were born or have a connection with the federal capital, are Renato Russo – who was the lead singer of Legiao Urbana – Cassia Iller, Raimondos, Capital Ensical, Naterotes and Ellen Olerea, among others.

But new names are on the rise, too. One of the features Alan Masai. At the age of 31, with more than 15 of them devoted to music, the Brazilian is in his fourth year of his solo career. With a diverse style, Alan has songs that appeal to audiences from different tribes, as his style blends different beats that give his work a contemporary pop vibe. In 2020, he participated in the Multishow Award. Currently, he is venturing into Portugal singing, but he is not giving up on his roots. The youngster always returns to Brazil with amazing performances.

“My biggest source of inspiration is the cultural and musical diversity of Brazil. I always try to mix different rhythms and sounds to create something new and unique that can appeal to all audiences. My goal is to bring my music to every corner of the country and the world, showing the richness of Brazilian music,” he says. Masai says.

Alan Masai. Photo: Disclosure

Emerging as one of the new national talents, DJ Ido Smith It is a phenomenon in the Middle East. Born in Cylandia, he became interested in music at the age of fourteen. After playing in bars, restaurants and small events, the young man decided to go to Dubai, during the pandemic, in search of new challenges to capitalize on his music career. With nearly 4 years of living in the posh area, the artist has performed on the same stage as Alok, Black Eyed Peays, and Coldplay. Today he is a guaranteed attraction at the city’s famous venues, having become a resident of many of them.

“I am very happy to bring the Brasilia name to the world and be one of the Brazilian DJs making their mark in Dubai. It is an amazing city with a vibrant music scene and I feel good to be a part of it. I believe that my hard work and dedication is taking me to places I never imagined and that is quite an accomplishment for me.” me as an artist,” says the DJ.

DJ Smith. Photo: Disclosure

Barbara Silva He is another singer-songwriter from Brasilia who has been prominent in the city’s music scene. With a talent for writing, which she had discovered in her teens, Bárbara began her music studies at the Escola Parque, in 209/210 Norte, and later at the Escola de Música de Brasília. After a period away from music to devote herself to law studies and her family, she returned to the scene in 2017 and since then, she has been releasing frequent acts accompanied by live performances on her YouTube channel. She just released the album “Coisas Vazias Ficam Pra Trás” with the music video of the same name.

“The release of my first album was a very special moment in my career. It is the result of hard work and dedication, and I am delighted to be able to share my music with the world. It is a great achievement to see that my work has been well received by audiences and critics,” says Barbara.

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Barbara Silva. Photo: Cadu Andrade/Disclosure

Another success of the Federal District is the band Just to shame. The group was formed in 2003, and since then it has become one of the most popular groups in the furo scene. With a diverse repertoire and its own style, SPX has conquered fans all over Brazil and has become a reference for many artists of this genre. The project is headed by Diogo Henrique and Bruno Rios, who this year are preparing a special tour to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the band.

“Since the founding of Só Pra Xamegar in 2003, we have tirelessly dedicated ourselves to bringing joy and lots of good music to forró audiences all over Brazil. It is with great pride that they are recognized as one of the most popular bands on the scene and a reference for many artists,” says Diogo Henrique and Bruno Rios. others of this kind.

a Eduardo and Monica Block He is already a sensation in DF. Created in January 2017 by Marquinho Vital (Capitão do Cerrado), Rony Meolly (Meolly folk and Dowjones) and Diogo Villar (O Bando), the group emerged as an alternative to a section of the population of Brasilia that was looking for new entertainment options, mainly during Carnival, and has It has already been elected by the People’s Jury as the best block in Brasília. They celebrate throughout the year all over Brazil.

“We are very happy to see how the Eduardo e Mônica complex in Brasília has grown and how we have been able to bring joy to the people. We are excited to continue to offer lively and inclusive Carnival shows and shows for all,” Molly highlights.

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Block Eduardo and Monica. Photo: Disclosure

a Sunflower jam Composed by talented musicians Hermes Reese and Tais Segal, who embarked on a journey of self-discovery abroad at a young age. After graduating with honors from the prestigious Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, the duo returned to Brazil and founded the yellowest band in the city. Inspired by the vibrant Hollywood music scene, Hermès and Tess have combined everything they learned in the United States and added new experiences gained on Brazilian soil. The result is a unique, immersive sound that has won over fans across the country.

“For us, it’s so much more than just a band, it’s the result of an incredible journey. During that time, we set out to absorb everything we could about music, culture, and life in general. Today, it’s gratifying to see that the unique and compelling sound we’re creating It has won fans all over the country,” Hermès and Tice affirm.

Sunflower jam. Photo: Cadu Andrade/Disclosure

Carioca by birth and Brazilian by heart, Marvin One of the most important names in the city’s music scene today. With a career spanning 14 years, the singer succeeds due to the originality and sensibility of his songs, in addition to his striking voice and presence. Their sound blends very Brazilian rhythms like samba and samba rock with touches of R&B and neo-Soul. His path includes participation in successful musicals such as Across The Universe, in which he performed the Beatles classics, as well as participation in important concerts and festivals in the city, such as CoMA, Funn Festival and Na Praia.

“My music is a way to express my identity and my experiences. With influences ranging from samba to R&B, I sing about love, relationships, and social issues affecting our community. I am honored to be an artist in the city that welcomed me, and I feel I am contributing to the local music scene by presenting My own view of the scene,” Marvin points out.

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Marvin. Photo: Disclosure

Article published on April 21, 2023 05:00

April 21, 2023 05:00

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