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Ex-President Wagner Perez de Sa appears on videotape and says: "They handed our Cruzeiro" - Rádio Itatiaia

Ex-President Wagner Perez de Sa appears on videotape and says: “They handed our Cruzeiro” – Rádio Itatiaia

Photo: Vinicius Silva/Cruzeiro

Cruzeiro’s Sociedade Anônima do Futebol (SAF) was the theme behind the scenes of the club. Various controversies that have arisen on this topic, with the leakage of important documents, are gaining new chapters every day. Among those concerns is former president Wagner Perez de Saa, accused of multiple wrongdoing, who was fired in 2019, the year Raposa fell at the hands of Siri B.

A video of the former cap was leaked on Wednesday (23) and angered Cruzeiro fans, who linked the video to the club’s current moment. In the recording, which does not indicate the date of its manufacture, the former leader sends a message to a friend and says “Cruzero has been delivered.”

“You won’t even remember me. Great friend, great buddy. I wear a beard to get rid of, because they’re trying to throw stones at me, but oh pretty. They handed Cruzeiro, okay?” , he said in the recording.

He was kicked out of Cruzeiro’s trading board in a vote in February, and Wagner Perez de Sa was also judged by the Justice to return 150,000 Brazilian Reals to the club’s coffers. The decision was made in early March and is subject to appeal. According to the lawsuit, the sums would have come out of the club’s coffers to pay legal fees hired by the then president during a criminal investigation that indicated irregularities in the management of Perez de Sa in Raposa.

Still in the video, Wagner Perez de Saa says he is bearded because of the threats he has been exposed to.

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