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Even with the defeat, the Brazilian women’s national team is already showing differences with Arthur Elias

Even with the defeat, the Brazilian women’s national team is already showing differences with Arthur Elias

The Brazilian national team made new changes in the first half of its second friendly match against Canada away from home. A rivalry that was put aside when the world’s greatest national team scorer, Christine Sinclair, was admired alongside the greatest Marta in Brazilian history. Sinclair announced that he will retire this year from playing with the Canadian national team at the age of 40, and he has scored 190 goals so far. She and Marta, who started together in the World Cup, were honored in a giant symbolism of what the two shirts have become thanks to their heroes.

However, we need to understand Canada on the world stage: two Olympic bronzes, at London 2012 and Rio 2016, and an Olympic gold at Tokyo 2020. Today it is a competition that is also undergoing renewal, despite coach Bev Britzman’s insistence on this. remains. The Brazilian team is ahead of the game in this regard, they have made changes but lacked synchronization. The good news is that even with defeat, this adjustment is already beginning to take hold.

Brazil gets tired in the second half and concedes two goals in a friendly match against Canada.

Photo: Disclosure / Brazilian Football Confederation / Esporte News Mundo

While Pia Sandhage warned us that the transformation of this Brazilian team would take some time, we saw Arthur Elias use the cast in a way that made every piece feel comfortable. He knows it well. Adapting to the pitch and climate (2 degrees Celsius in Halifax) took a few minutes, then Brazil performed better in midfield and created more chances – the final pass was missing. The opponents pressed after 39 minutes of the first half. Before that, we saw Marta playing as a midfielder, sharing roles with Pia Zanerato and Adriana. When attacking, Marta was moving forward and operating on a smaller pitch, with less wear and tear in this model of the game. The No. 10 shirt also returns to help with marking; A strong quality of leadership on the pitch that was erased in the last World Cup – even due to a technical imposition.

Canada is not that strong anymore, and Brazil has skilled young players like Angelina and Ari Borges. The problems began to worsen in the second half, when they conceded two goals from Heitema and Diane Rose. Canada played tighter and advanced up front. There is a great effort from Arthur Elias to bring Marta and Christian together, who entered the second half of the match together. The question is whether they will keep up with the intensity and volume the trainer is targeting. Personally, I think so – Sinclair was an Olympic champion at 37 years old, remember?

What is missing? Movement on both sides is important for both sides to enter the area, which gives comfort to the attackers. Arthur Elias will also have to review his choices so that Brazil does not lose physical performance, as happened in the second half. The Brazilian team must invest in players who maintain a high level of marking and intensity of play to be able to keep up with other high-level teams in the world. In addition to the work on decision-making and the collective anxiety of thinking about finishing. The best thing that happened: the team’s reaction! It is already seeking to review improvements with opponents who make the process difficult. The upcoming FIFA date, from 27 November to 5 December, will be key in shaping the new face of Brazil in women’s football.

Source: Fernanda Arantes
Fernanda Arantes is a broadcaster, storyteller and sports reporter. Having worked for subsidiaries of Rede Globo and SBT, she is currently prominent in online broadcasting. The columnist’s opinions do not represent the views of Terra.

Source: Redacao Terra

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