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Erasmo, Marina, Rico and Solange on the farm.  Poll · TV news

Erasmo, Marina, Rico and Solange on the farm. Poll · TV news

Erasmo Viana, Marina Ferrari, Rico Melquiades and Solange Gomez make up the seventh alternative farm 13. The Rocheros quartet were selected at dawn on Wednesday (3). Who would you like to stay on the standard reality show? Vote in the poll at the end of this text.

Thiago Picuelo Voting dynamics began with the discovery of the powers of the lamp. citizen, The winner of the last shooting test, task of choosing between red and yellow scrolls. Choose the lighter color and give the darker color Erasmus Viana.

Then Adriane Galisteu asked Erasmus to read the Red Force. “Exchange all pedestrians from the kiosk with pedestrians from the headquarters,” revealed the influencer who chose to go to the area without privileges next to Arcrebian de Araújo, gui arugu NS Marina Ferrari.

After Bahia’s decision, Stefan Matos shown Rico Melquiades To the first seat on the farm. “He is a person, from the beginning, I always disagreed with situations, but he was someone I loved, but he came to disappoint me a lot. He has a very low game of destabilizing a person. A rude, impolite person,” the farmer justified.

“I was already waiting. She’s referring me because we had friction. She called me disrespectful, I told her she was Bill’s shadow and Dynho [Alves]. The reaction of the man from Alagoas, who continued in another paragraph: “She is a fake, a plant, a shade,” she is someone who has no morals to call me disrespectful, she does not even respect her fiancé.”

Then the residents of the headquarters began a public vote. With five votes, Dynho and solange They tied, and Sthefane broke the tie, putting the former Gugu’s bathtub in the danger zone. Solange, in turn, pulled Erasmus into the hot seat.

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Before the influencer could start the remaining person, James used the power of the yellow flame and was able to save his fellow prisoners from the final dynamic. free music Valentina Francavilla NS Aline Mineiro.

Later, Marina, who was sidelined by the remaining farmer, became the fourth farmer and got a veto against one of her opponents in this week’s Farmer’s Test. Target digital influencer Erasmus.

Check out the sounds of the night:

  • MC Gui voted for Solange Gomes
  • Ellen Mineiro voted for Dinho Alves
  • Arcripiano de Araujo voted for Diane Melo
  • Solange Gomes voted for Dynho Alves
  • Diane Melo voted for Dainho Alves
  • Dynho Alves voted for Solange Gomes
  • Erasmo Viana voted for Solange Gomez
  • Valentina Francavilla voted for Dinho Alves
  • Mayledy Mihaely voted for Solange Gomez
  • Gui Araujo voted for Solange Gomes
  • Thiago Picuelo voted for Milede Mihaeli
  • Marina Ferrari voted for Diane Melo
  • Rico Melquiades voted for Dinho Alves