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Reporter Veruska Donato is leaving Globo after 21 years and explaining himself

Reporter Veruska Donato is leaving Globo after 21 years and explaining himself

Reporter Versca Donato, 44, announced today that she is leaving Globo after 21 years. In a long text message on Instagram, she called the station and stated that she wanted to go back to her home, where she grew up, in Campo Grande (MS).

According to the journalist, the hatred she received after publishing a photo of her with Father Giulio Lancelotti affected her. So he decided to follow his heart and try to find peace.

Two months ago I posted on Instagram a photo and a tribute to Father Julio Lancelotti and the work he does in Cracolandia, I received dozens of insults and insults, some of which I erased. You’ve already created a breastplate in regards to social media, but the priest? Oh no. Father Julio is a symbol of passion and pure love. This hatred moved me.

“Where does your peace live? I come home, I go back to Campo Grande, the city where I was born, raised, graduated and left without saying goodbye, glad I was able to work in Brasilia,” she added.

“Life demands what is precious. I had to choose. I leave you and leave Globo, and for São Paulo, who welcomed me with so much love, I leave my possessions most dear.”

Veruska also said that his daughter, 16-year-old Carolina, the result of an affair with fellow journalist Jodrian Neuwirt, is still in Sao Paulo to study.

She started as a journalist as an intern at Globo in 2000. She worked as a presenter in the “Jornal das Dez” neighborhood of São Paulo until she became a reporter. From 2012 to 2016, he was the leader of the Sala de Emprego block in “Jornal Hoje”.

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In 2019, Veruska freaked out when he saw Globocop’s door open. Back in September now, she cried live when she saw a hungry man. “Heartbreaking,” she said during a report on “SP1”.