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end of the accusation?  The Eiffel Tower is crumbling and shattered by rust

end of the accusation? The Eiffel Tower is crumbling and shattered by rust

Tourist site in need of urgent renovation, but not undergoing repairs, but €60m paint job ahead of Paris 2024 Olympics

Joel Saget/AFPThe Eiffel Tower is rusty and instead of being renovated, it is being painted for the 2024 Olympics

Despite being one of the most visited places in the world and attracting attention for its structure, the Eiffel Tower is no longer what it is. The monument, built by Gustave Eiffel in the late 19th century, is rusting and in need of a complete overhaul, according to confidential reports cited by the French magazine Marianne. “If Gustave Eiffel visited the place, he would have a heart attack,” an anonymous director told Marianne magazine. However, rather than repairing it to return it to its former state, the monument gets €60 million for a paint job ahead of the 2019 Summer Olympics. Paris In the year 2024. It is the 20th time that the tower has been repainted.

Two new coats of paint were to be applied to the tower, but delays in the works due to the spread of the pandemic COVID-19 The presence of lead in the old paint means only 5% will be processed, Marianne said, compared to the 30% originally planned. Confidential reports from experts cited by the publication indicate that the monument is in poor condition and riddled with rust. The 324-meter-high wrought iron tower is among the most visited tourist attractions on the planet, receiving about 6 million visitors each year. The company that operates the tower, Societé d’Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel (SETE), was not immediately reached for comment, however, according to the magazine, it is resisting the tower’s prolonged closure due to tourism revenue that would be a loser.

*With information from Reuters

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