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Empty shelves in the UK after utility orders to isolate 600,000 people

Empty shelves in the UK after utility orders to isolate 600,000 people

More than 600,000 people in the UK and Wales received warnings of self-isolation during the week of July 8-15, through the use of the NHS Covit-19, designed by the British Health Organization, the Portuguese Stavay Covit.

This wave of self-isolation – mandatory, which has been identified by state enforcement – is causing serious disruptions in various sectors such as food retail, gas stations, freight transport and security forces.

This Thursday’s edition of the British Newspaper reflects a shortage of staff, with numerous photographs of empty shelves in supermarkets showing the so-called “pingtemic” failure: caused by the sound of ‘ping’, which is associated with sending an alert to the application.

British trade secretary Quasi-Guardeng told Sky News that the government was “very concerned” about the situation because it did not forecast a complete shutdown of supermarkets and more.

Sainsbury’s, Britain’s second largest food retailer, points out that customers can not find the products they want, and that when large quantities of goods are delivered directly to stores, employees “focus on getting them on the shelves as quickly as possible. A spokesman for Sainsbury’s quoted Reuters as saying.

The Icelandic food chain has announced it will hire 2,000 people, and will work less than a few hours a day. The well-known Tesco has admitted to leaving bottled water for sale.

Fuel company PP has temporarily closed some filling stations due to fuel shortages because there is a shortage of drivers for heavy vehicles, isolated by Covit-19, referring to the same source.

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As a result of this abuse, the British Administrator decided that workers in certain industries, or those fighting with Govt-19 in the front row, would be exempted from complying with the ten-day isolation if they were flagged by the application. However, this measure needs to be formalized.

Even with the high number of vaccines, the number of daily Govt-19 cases in the UK has been increasing in recent weeks. However, it has had an impact on vaccination enrollment because fewer deaths have been reported compared to when the vaccine campaign began.

About 12% of adults and almost all children have not yet been diagnosed. It should be noted that more than one million children did not go to school last week due to the spread of the virus.