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British government exempts key workers in the food sector from precautionary isolation after exposure to infectious diseases - Observer

British government exempts key workers in the food sector from precautionary isolation after exposure to infectious diseases – Observer

The British government announced this Friday that key workers in the food sector should not comply with precautionary isolation after dangerous contact with the disease. Covit-19 goes as an alternative to the daily test.

The move is aimed at curbing the shortage of food items warned by several companies in the sector, which is currently having a large number of employees out of work, which is having an impact on the supply of stores.

The administrator has identified 15 priority locations, including the largest supermarket distribution centers, where testing will begin this week, and It plans to expand the list to 500 locations, Including food processing units, bakeries, butcheries or agricultural property.

Transportation, narcotics, energy or local authorities can also apply for the scheme, but they say it is too complicated in practice because it has to be done on a case-by-case basis and the employee will be identified individually.

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“In doing this, we are trying to do proportional intervention Ensures that the arteries of our food supply chain continue to flow., We continue to have food on supermarket shelves, but they do not offer large-scale exemptions, ”Environmental Affairs Minister George Eustis told the BBC this Friday.

The government has introduced the scheme to combat the so-called “pingtemic”, a name given by the British press to a growing number of people who have been placed in solitary confinement after being warned. [ping] Through the British Health Service’s mobile phone application.

According to data released on Thursday, 618,903 people in the UK and Wales received new alerts during the week from July 8 to 15, indicating that they had dangerous contact with the victim.

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This number is the result of current epidemics caused by delta variability, which is considered highly contagious, with the number of daily cases having recently risen to more than 50,000.

Airlines, Rhode Holidays and Catering, a measure the government plans to launch on August 16, have signed a letter urging the government to allow full vaccinated employees to be isolated.

The UK is the only European country to have nearly 129,000 people died during the Govt-19 epidemic, but this too One of the most advanced in vaccination, 88% of adults have completed at least one dose and 69% have been vaccinated. The government aims to reduce the interval between doses to 12 to eight weeks and vaccinate all adults by mid-September.