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Emergency Aid 2021: Caixa ends first batch payments this week;  See the calendar  Financial services

Emergency Aid 2021: Caixa ends first batch payments this week; See the calendar Financial services

a Caixa Econômica Federal (CEF) Payments this week closes from First batch of emergency aid 2021. This Sunday (25), and He was born in September Receive the deposit in the digital social savings account. Still this week, it will be a turn He was born in October, November and DecemberThe aid will be deposited on Tuesdays (27), Wednesday (28) and Thursdays (29), respectively – See the calendar below.

The bank also closes the payments on the first installment of first aid For those receiving the program Family allowance (GMP). This week, from Monday (26) to Friday (30) You will receive, Straight, Beneficiaries 6, 7, 8, 9, and zeroCheck out the calendar below.

Another novelty of the week is Debut handling money received via Pix – The immediate payment and transfer system established by the Central Bank (Learn more about Pix here). Starting on Friday (30), Those receiving emergency aid can use the Pix To transfer money or pay bills. However, transfers to accounts with the same address will not be permitted.

Find out who gets emergency help this week

  • April 25 (Sunday)He was born in September
  • April 26 (Monday)Bolsa Família beneficiaries with 6 final shekels
  • April 27 (Tuesday)Born in October and beneficiaries of the Bolsa Família, with 7 final shekels
  • April 28 (Wed)Born in November and beneficiaries of the Bolsa Família with 8 final shekels
  • April 29 (Thursday)Born in December and beneficiaries of the Bolsa Família with 9 final shekels
  • April 30 (Friday) – Bolsa Família beneficiaries with 0 final shekels
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Calendar of the first batch of emergency aid 2021

born in Account credit day A day for withdrawals and transfers
Janeiro April 6 April 30
February April 9 May 3
March April 11 May 4
April April 13 May 5
May April 15 May 6
June April 18 May 7
July April 20 May 10
August April 22 May 11
September April 25 May 12
October April 27 May 13
November April 28 May 14
Dec April 29 May 17

Bolsa Família’s payment schedule for April

payday Who receives
April 16 Beneficiaries of the final NIS 1
April 19 Beneficiaries of the final NIS 2
April 20 Ultimate beneficiaries 3
April 22 Final beneficiaries of 4 shekels
April 23 Ultimate beneficiaries 5 NIS
April 26 Ultimate beneficiaries 6 NIS
April 27 Ultimate beneficiaries 7 shekels
April 28 Ultimate beneficiaries 8 shekels
April 29 Ultimate beneficiaries 9 NIS
April 30 Final beneficiaries of 0 NIS

Anticipate payments and withdrawals

The government expected the schedule of withdrawals and transfers of the first batch. right Now People will be able to withdraw from Friday (April 30th) to May 17th (Before that it was May 4 to June 4), depending on your birth month.

Alongside the new withdrawal schedule, it was there, too Expect the account credit schedule. You are Recipients born in November and December will receive emergency aid amounts on April 28 and 29, respectively. Previously, the appointments were set for April 29 and 30. (See the updated calendar below).

What are the rules for receiving emergency aid 2021?

  • About 40 million families / people from Cadastro Único and the Bolsa Família Program
  • Income per capita From the family can not exceed Up to half of the minimum wage (R $ 550)
  • The total income of the family group must reach three minimum wages (R $ 3,300)
  • Only one fee will be allowed per family
  • To be over 18 years old
  • Not having a formal job
  • No taxable income higher than R $ 28,559.70 in 2019 Or exempt profits of more than R $ 40,000 for that year
  • do not have Value greater than R $ 300,000 End of 2019
  • Residents, interprofessional physicians, scholarship recipients, apprentices and the like are excluded
  • Also excluded are people who received any kind of social security, assistance, work benefits or government income transfer in 2020, Excluding the Bolsa Família and salary allowance.

Request for emergency assistance worth R $ 600 – Photo: Marcelo Camargo / Agência Brasil