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Elon Musk sells Tesla stock for nearly $7 billion - 10/8/2022

Elon Musk sells Tesla stock for nearly $7 billion – 10/8/2022

billionaire businessman Which color musk He sold Tesla stock for nearly $7 billion, according to a legal document released Tuesday, amid Fantastic battle with Twitter A $44 billion purchase agreement.

The founder of automaker Tesla sold 7.9 million shares between August 5 and 9, according to a document posted on the Securities and Exchange Commission’s website.

“In the event (which is unlikely to force Twitter to close this transaction, and the non-participation of certain equity partners, it is important to avoid an emergency sale of Tesla stock”), Musk, the world’s richest man, wrote on Twitter on Tuesday. .

Twitter is locked in a legal battle with Mood Mask over his attempt to walk away from a deal announced in April to buy the social network. judge order Trial begins in October.

Musk has filed a counter-suit accusing him Twitter Fraud The platform allegedly misled him about critical aspects of the company before agreeing to a $44 billion purchase.

The Tesla CEO sold nearly $8.5 billion of stock in the electric car maker in April as he prepared to fund a Twitter purchase.

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