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CAIXA TEM: Update the registry and avoid app instability

With the issuance of the benefits provided for by the PEC das Bondades, it is important that beneficiaries keep their Caixa Tem registration data up to date. This measure will help maintain the instability of the payments application.

The federal government currently grants installments of three benefits to residents of Brazil: Brazil AidAnd the gas voucher And the Truck Driver Help. Since last Tuesday (9), the date on which the transfers began, users of square his It may detect app instability.

This is because the Caixa Econômica Federal Wallet has been the primary means of payment for government programs since 2020, when emergency assistance was implemented. As a result, beneficiaries can take steps to facilitate their access to the bank’s system.

The user himself can update his registration data on the digital platform and have access to all available application services. The update procedure is online, and some documents are required to be submitted. However, if the problem is not resolved, it will be necessary to go to the Caixa branch.

Jobs available at Caixa Tem

Through social savings, the beneficiary is able to perform a series of actions in his favor. Check the list of application services:

  • balance inquiry;
  • Daily and monthly statement of account.
  • Cardless withdrawals
  • virtual card;
  • payments in the application and in lottery houses;
  • machine payments
  • Mobile phone recharge
  • Transfers
  • Insurance Contracting

How to update data in Caixa Tem

Anyone who has difficulty accessing social savings functions can update their data to unlock the app’s services. In addition, keeping the correct information in Caixa Tem prevents scams from occurring.

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Check step by step on how to update the registry:

  1. Access the Caixa Tem on your cell phone;
  2. Login with your CPF and password;
  3. Then select the option “Update your registration”;
  4. Click “I get it, let’s get started” on the next screen;
  5. update your address;
  6. The system will display the address registered on the first access to the application, if it is the same, click “Yes, that’s right”. Otherwise, click on “My address has changed”. Once done, enter your new location and nationality and click Next.
  7. Then enter your income and wealth information;
  8. Click “Okay, let’s go” to start answering the questionnaire;
  9. At the end of the questionnaire, click “Next”;
  10. Submit photos of your identification documents (RG or CNH);
  11. Take a selfie with the document used next to your face;
  12. Finally, wait up to 48 hours to unlock the platform’s features.

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