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Ed Sheeran: The Mausoleum is a funeral monument created to honor deceased loved ones

Ed Sheeran: The Mausoleum is a funeral monument created to honor deceased loved ones

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Ed Sheeran revealed that the goal is to bring all the relatives of the family together

Ed Sheeran has a plan to rebuild the UK
© Getty ImagesEd Sheeran has a plan to rebuild the UK

Everyone is accustomed to the minimal, bizarre decisions that celebrities make. From the point of view of a strangerThere are singers who love it alternative sects, who believe in aliens and even milder behaviours, such as choosing not to eat red meat, for example. The singer who chose to show one of his strange desires Ed Sheeran.

According to the Uol Portal, Ed revealed this week that he plans to build a shrine within his residence where he can gather multiple people from the same family. The $3.7 million home has a church currently undergoing renovation work. To get to the funeral monument, it will be necessary to enter the ground through a slab.

However, in United kingdomReforms must face more bureaucracy. to start the project, Sheeran You will need the approval of the relevant authorities. Recently, the singer had to confront the neighborhood and some enforcement agencies to build a chapel inside the property. Initially, the request was denied, but after reducing the size of the project, agencies allowed the temple.

Reconstruction in the United Kingdom

One of the most influential names in the world, singer Ed Sheeran It took a huge step forward in one of its main goals. the british artist She revealed that she has made a personal commitment to environmental reconstruction in the UK. So Ed bought the land and will plant trees, preventing deforestation in the area.

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In an interview with BBC Radio From LondonThe singer said he’s acquiring a lot of terrasse around the country. Thus, according to him, it will be possible to make the environment more sustainable by planting new trees. “I feel like I’m going to grab my head every time I say that, because my business isn’t very sustainable when I’m playing in cities, but I do my best,” he said.