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Imagem com foto da apresentadora Sabrina Sato

Globo announces Sabrina Sato as a new employee and upsets the record

Contracted by record until 2023, Sabrina Sato has been announced as a new employee at Globo Last Monday (10). Eder Macedo launched the artist to gain new traction on GNT, on pay-TV, but she will naturally continue her projects on Open TV. After the fallout from the new agreement, Record’s press office insisted on clarifying the situation.

In an interview with the columnist, Leo Dias, at the Metropoles . GateCommunication log – who does not communicate with pop tvHe explained that the ‘Ilha Record’ presenter “released him to make this show [Desapegue Se For Capaz] at NTG.” A new season of the reality show featuring celebrities on Paradise Island is scheduled to be produced in the first half of 2022.

With its premiere scheduled for the end of April at GNT, Desapegue se foi Capaz aims to promote a transformation in the lives of participants by reorganizing their homes, combining decor, storage and sustainability. The show also marks a fresh start for Sabrina, who will be making her first cable TV project.

“I always talk a lot about my artistic concern. It enriches making room for new experiences and discovering other possibilities in our lives. When I was invited by GNT to present ‘Desapegue se por Capaz’, I felt very proud to be part of a multi-channel, which always gives us wonderful reflections on human behavior It will be a new challenge in my career, in a home that inspires us,” celebrates Sabrina. The first season will contain 10 episodes, with a weekly broadcast, and recordings will begin in February, in São Paulo.

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In each episode, Sabrina will count on the help of personal organizer Micaela Góes and architect Gabriela de Matos to enter someone’s home with the task of making them give up what is no longer useful in their life. They will take all their belongings—furniture, clothes, and things—to a large shed, making one realize how much they have accumulated over the years and think about what makes sense to continue to be a part of their path. The idea is to give away as much as possible to make room for change, promoting not only regulation but real life transformation.

Sabrina has a great ability to communicate widely with the public with affection, respect and compassion. And for stepping into people’s homes, revealing the intimacy of each one, we’re sure Sabrina will have the welcome and fun that allure needs. We are very pleased with your arrival at GNT,” comments Daniela Minani, Director of Diversity and Medical Publications Unit – GNT, VIVA, Mais na Tela and Gestão de Negócios GloboNews.

Sabrina Sato became known to the public in 2003, during her participation in the third season of the reality show Big Brother Brasil. Despite placing sixth, she was by far the most successful participant in the program after passing the attraction. Prior to registration, set by RedeTV! She worked for Pânico na TV (2003-2012), and Band, where she was also part of the Pânico na Band (2013-2014) when the band changed channels. At Record, Sabrina has already led Sabrina (2014), Familia Record, Domingo Show (2020) and Made in Japan (2020). She was also cited to lead a new season of the reality show Dancing Brasil, which was already presented by Xuxa Meneghel between 2017 and 2019.

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