Industrial production has returned more than last month before the epidemic.

The efficiency of the Hungarian industry increased significantly in February, with production up 3.9 percent higher than in February 2020, according to adjusted working day data, according to the Federal Statistics Office. The increase was 4.8 percent compared to January.

Higher than current growth was last measured in November 2019. Industrial performance has thus returned to pre-crisis levels. Last autumn, production was higher than the level of the previous month before the once epidemic February 2020, but in November and December it was only a very small increase in January, compared to a good number now.

The CSO has not yet provided accurate details of how the data was compiled, but it has already been written that this is an example we rarely see: industrial production has grown, thus reducing the efficiency of the automotive industry. Production of food, beverages and tobacco products also declined, but production of computers, electronics, optical products and other manufacturing auxiliaries also increased.

In the first two months of 2021, production was 2.3 percent lower than in January-February 2020.