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According to the Austrian government, Turkey was provoked by the lack of space for Erdogan’s office in Van der Lion

“This disgraceful treatment (…) reveals a strange picture – just days after Turkey withdrew from the Istanbul conference – which can only be described as provocative,” quoted Austrian Minister for European Affairs MDI Caroline Edstadler as quoting: Ursula van der Leyen has no chair, President of the European Commission, when EU leaders meet with Turkish President Erdogan.

Ursula van der LeyenPhoto: THIERRY MONASSE / Hans Lucas via AFP

“If the EU shakes hands with Turkey for dialogue, it can be expected to find a return. Equality between men and women cannot be trampled on,” Edstadler said.

Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schalenberg called on Turkey to remain innocent. “Current provocations and structural issues make it clear that EU access negotiations (with Turkey) are an illusion that the EU should not deceive itself.”

With the exception of Erdogan, only Charles Michael, President of the Council of Europe, took the chair at the meeting. Van der Lion had to sit on a bed.


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