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Duilio talks about Paulinho and leaves the doors of Corinthians open for the player to train

Duilio talks about Paulinho and leaves the doors of Corinthians open for the player to train

Corinthians president Duilio Monteiro Alves once again spoke about negotiations with defensive midfielder Paulinho. Without a club, after rescinding the contract with Al-Ahly of Saudi Arabia, the player is in the interest of the Venigro club.

“We talked a lot before closing the window, it’s no secret to anyone. We ended up not getting it right and getting on with his life. It is a wish and I believe all Corinthians fans to see him again here. He’s won it all in Corinthians, with race and delivery, that’s our face. I really want to bring him here, coach too. He’s a great person and the quality of the player is undisputed. Here we have a lot of athletes from his friends. It could be, it’s a possibility, but it’s still early days,” Duilio said, in an interview with the podcast. Hello!.

On other occasions, Paulinho used CT Joaquim Grava’s facilities to keep fit when he was in Brazil. The Timão president made it clear that the athlete is welcome at the club, even if negotiations do not materialize.

“The next window opens in January. I hope we understand each other and come back here. He can come here to train no matter if we’re right. Any athlete who has passed here has our doors open. Paulinho does not even talk, in addition to everything he is a friend. He knows this and the doors are open to him. When he was training at the Red Bull Bragantino, I called him. The real contract, let’s see later and in time,” he completed the first hat.

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