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Rogerio Ceni repeats Cruzeiro's mistake.  It takes Sao Paulo's insecurity, paraphrasing, into the latter part of Brazil - Prisma

Rogerio Ceni repeats Cruzeiro’s mistake. It takes Sao Paulo’s insecurity, paraphrasing, into the latter part of Brazil – Prisma

Sao Paulo, Brazil

“Rogerio Ceni arrived at Cruzeiro and beat everyone in the first meeting. He called nine players from the team… Edilson, Fabio, Didi, Egidio, and they came asking their ages. He said the team was too old for what it is. I wanted to play. But since we were champions twice in Mineiro and Copa Brazil. Calm down, right? It comes slowly, with respect.”

“One of Rogério’s biggest mistakes was to think that because of age the players wouldn’t give up as he liked. It’s not like that, which makes it clear that he’s going to change everyone, in the middle of the tournament. With the team threatened by relegation. The trend is that the players are becoming insecure and the team is getting worse Ruggiero helped a lot in Cruzeiro’s fall to the second division. He showed great potential as a coach, but he made a big mistake with the group.”

The findings of Thiago Neves and Didi about Rogerio Ceni’s work at Cruzeiro, in 2019, with only eight matches remaining, leading to relegation, are linked to what happened in São Paulo, in 2021.

The news that the club will bring about a profound transformation in their 2022 squad comes in the acute phase of the Brazilian national team. With the team occupying the fourteenth place in the Brazilian national team. 10 points for the teams fighting for the Libertadores. And 7 points from the clubs in the relegation zone. Eight matches remain to determine what the club will achieve.

After the dismal defeat against Bahia, where the team performed poorly, once again a series of three very difficult games could hold the final games of the Brazilian national team. Defeats against Fortaleza, in Ceará, and Flamengo, in Morumbi, and Palmeiras, in Allianz, could bring a severe crisis for Rogerio to manage.

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At this point, he will need to focus all of his players completely on the team. Not in the future, as they will operate in 2022.

Benitez, Pablo, Vitor Bueno, Galliano, Eder, Willian, Lucas Perry, Shaylon are the names released last week.

Rogerio Ceni has not publicly denied this, stating that journalists could be right. On the contrary, the coach insisted that he be filmed observing the team’s core training. He is already working on finding reinforcements among the CT boys from Kotia for the 2022 team.

Again, the coach doesn’t know how to deal with something fundamental on a soccer team: reframing. There is nothing more important to a worker than whether or not he will get a job next year. The situation also affects football players.

Sao Paulo’s position against Bahia, the opponent with a lower team, was worrisome. The team is tense, insecure and afraid to make mistakes. Perhaps with the players trying to show Ceni that they deserve to stay with the club next season.

The result was a smooth victory for Bahia.

Since returning to Morumbi, replacing Hernan Crespo, Ruggiero has won two defeats and one draw. Weak campaign, with an unstable team, and no tactical style.

The team continues with its worst attack among the 20 Brazilian teams, scoring only 23 goals in 30 matches.

Now there is the psychological aspect.

Uncertainty about who will follow at the club. The insecurity of any reframing spreads in the work environment.

Sene might experience something similar to what he experienced in Cruzeiro.

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But it will have to deal more diplomatically.

The future of Sao Paulo in Brazil is threatened.

Team reform is not allowed in the final stage of any tournament.

The lesson is essential.

Any doubts that made Ceni remember the eight matches at Cruzeiro…

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