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Does Pis/Pasep have a calendar for those who worked in 2021?  see the news

Does Pis/Pasep have a calendar for those who worked in 2021? see the news

The cashier Recently closed, on March 31, deposits from Calendar allowance for Pis / Pasep For those who worked with an official contract during 2020. Now, workers want to know when the new Pis/Pasep allowance will be paid to those who worked in the base year 2021.

There was an initial expectation that the new payments for the 2021/base year would occur in 2022, after the government introduced the allowance for 2020. The allowance payment schedule for those who worked on formal contract throughout 2020 was to continue to the present day. End of the year, but all deposits were made until 3/31 of this year.

This way, workers who received the salary allowance in February and March 2022 want to know if the new Pis/Pasep calendar for 2021 will run through the end of the year.

When does the Pis/Pasep allowance fall for those who worked in 2021?

Now, the deliberation board of Fundo de Amparo ao Trabalhador – CODEFAT will decide when the new payments will be released. So far, neither Caixa nor the government has commented on the new Pis/Pasep allowance calendar for 2021.

However, it is likely that the government will only announce the dates for disbursing the salary bonus to those who worked last year at the beginning of next year, as happened with the disclosure of the calendar implemented this year, which was released in February.

The value of the PIS 2021

Another factor that still influences the new calendar and the announcement of new dates is the utility value. This is because the maximum salary allowance is always calculated on the basis of the minimum wage, so the following allowance must be readjusted to the minimum wage set for 2023.

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Next year’s national floor should be announced at the end of January, when the closing of this year’s INPC, projected at 7%, will be announced.

To whom is the salary allowance paid? Every Brazilian is entitled to work at least 30 days with an official contract in the base year, as long as he or she has earned an average minimum wage of up to 2.

The Pis/Pasep withdrawal amount is limited to the minimum wage (currently R$1,212) for those who have worked 12 months and is calculated individually according to the number of months worked.

In 2022, the calendar that issued funds to those who worked in 2020 had the following table for calculating the amount of the Pis/Pasep allowance:

Percentage (months of work) Allowance amount in 2022
1 101.00 BRL
two 202.00 BRL
3 303.00 Brazilian Real
4 404.00 Brazilian Real
5 505.00 BRL
6 606.00 BRL
7 707.00 BRL
8 808.00 BRL
9 909.00 BRL
10 1,010.00 BRL
11 1,111.00 BRL
12 1,212.00 Brazilian Real

In addition to working on an official contract in the reference year, the worker still needs to meet other requirements to be entitled to the salary bonus, which are:

  • Be registered with PIS/PASEP for at least five years;
  • They earned an average monthly wage up to a minimum wage during the base year (2020);
  • engaged in a remunerated activity, for at least 30 days, in the base year being counted;
  • Ask your employer (legal entity) to properly report your data in the Annual Social Information Report (RAIS).

Forgotten PIS allowance can be replaced

Even with the deposits completed a month ago, workers forgot nearly R$500 million in banks. According to Caixa, 500,000 people have yet to withdraw the Pis/Pasep allowance for 2020.

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Of this group, 71% were civil and military employees who could still withdraw Pasep Allowance amounts, paid by Bank of Brazil. The remaining group consists of workers in the private sector who will be able to withdraw money from the Pis allowance.

The deadline for both groups to withdraw the Pis/Pasep allowance continues until December 29, 2022.

Consult Pis by CPF

Investigation can be done by Digital business card applicationwhere you can refer to various information related to employment contracts, average salary for the last job, period of employment and number of Pis or Pasep.

In the latest update of the application, a salary allowance query has also been included, which allows to know if the worker has Pis/Pasep enabled, the amount he is entitled to, the date of deposit or the reason for non-receipt, if the case is.

The CTPS app is available for download for Android version or IOS version.