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CAIXA Announced the Value of the Basic PIS Edition for 2021 for Those Born in January?  see a greater amount will be paid;  How to make PIS withdraw and update PIS TABLE

Is PIS BASE 2021 confirmed on Monday (10/31) for those born in January? see a greater amount will be paid; How to make PIS withdraw and update PIS TABLE

Special Initiatives employees from all over Brazil are waiting PIS Payment Basis for the year 2021 / PIS Pasep 2023.

a PIS pay by Federal Savings Bank.

look at it latest news From PIS And the:

  • PIS calendar;
  • PIS . table
  • PIS 2021;
  • base year PIS 2021;
  • PIS 2022 calendar;
  • PIS 2022
  • PIS 2023

2021 base year PIS will be paid when?

a Codefat (Consultative Council of the Workers’ Support Fund) and Federal government Hope to promote the meeting.

The goal is to organize Evaluation in Pay From Base year PIS 2021.

Base year 2021 paid in 2023?

a deposit From Base year PIS 2021 It will be for next year, if not in 2022. If confirmed for 2023, then the value it will be Larger.

Highest value in 2021

a Pay From PIS related to the value of Minimum wage, it was said.

a Government Submit a suggestion that states lowest wages in 1302 Brazilian Real.

Who has the right to PIS?

a PIS estimated to me Workers:

      • They were receiving up to a minimum wage;
      • have performed any paid activity for at least 30 days per year;
      • update data in the registry;
      • They have been registered with PIS/Pasep for at least five years.

2022 PIS calendar

For those who are eligible and those who have not withdrawn PIS 2022, Interest can still be withdrawn.

a PIS 2022 Automatically paid into a digital social savings account that opens automatically cashier. Consultation can be done through the Caixa TEM app.

The worker can perform Pull PIS:

  • At automated teller machines.
  • In the Lotéricas and CAIXA Aqui correspondents – with the social card and password;
  • At the CAIXA branch, providing the PIS number and official identification document.


PIS value 2022 – Reproduction / pension

PIS; PIS calendar; PIS table; base year PIS 2021; PIS 2022; PIS 2021; PIS 2023 – Image: reproduction

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