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Do you own an iPhone?  Apple can delete your photos;  understand

Do you own an iPhone? Apple can delete your photos; understand

Do you use iPhone? If so, be sure to update yourself with the latest changes suggested by Apple, which should affect most users.

Recently, the company posted a note that it will be permanently deleting a photo album. Fortunately, it is possible to restore the most important files from some settings. Find out how to preserve your photos below!

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Why does Apple delete photos?

There is a free storage service exclusive to brand customers, however, this feature is on the verge of extinction.

The idea was that snapshots of the last 30 days would be saved in the cloud, saving internal space.

When a document, regardless of format, remains in the data cloud, it means that it has been saved online. So, people can access the same folder on multiple devices with internet access and support.

This is the album that will be deleted from the iPhone

The album that Apple will delete on July 26 is called “My Photo Streaming” or “My Photo Streaming”.

This rule was developed at Steve Jobs’ request for a limit of 1,000 photos, after it had been available to the public for 10 years.

Given that one of the priorities of the smartphone is the camera, the number of shots has increased significantly. Between videos and selfies, albums are filled and exceed thousands of photos to share on networks.

In recent versions, the iPhone storage platform, iCloud, has started making 5GB available for free, that is, at no cost. Simply sign up and connect your phone to the app’s autosave.

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How to prevent your files from being deleted

You don’t want to lose your photos, do you? Then follow this step by step:

  1. First, access the file manager of your iPhone or iPad;
  2. Find the “My Photo Stream” folder and select the photos you want to save;
  3. Now, click on the Share and Save Image options.

ready! Now everything that will be deleted will remain on your device and for greater security move it to a drive.

Remember that you have until the 26th of this month, otherwise it will be difficult to recover any photos lost in the transfer process.