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Joystick broken? See how an American solved the problem

Nothing is worse in a gamer’s life than a joystick broken. This is a serious problem, as it prevents video game players from playing their most beloved games in their spare time.

This, however, is not a problem for American who managed to make his own joystick. Even if you are wondering if the invention really worked, believe me, the answer is yes!

As if the story wasn’t interesting and weird enough already, you’ll be even more surprised to find out that he only used a soccer ball.

the Youtube His name is Tom Tilley who possesses this skillful feat. His affinity for video games is great and he loves to make some innovations in the gaming world, this time it was his unique joystick.

If you want to reproduce this feat while you’re underage, don’t do it alone! Below, you can see Tom’s video posted to his channel at YoutubeThe title of the video is: Under-Armadillo-racing.

It states that he followed these steps to assemble the console:

“I used some old deodorant balls and cardboard to turn a soccer ball into a trackball to play the obscure 1996 Japanese arcade game Armadillo Racing. An optical mouse with the roller under the soccer ball captures the action”

The game he uses to demonstrate the function of the joystick he invented is a racing game. Arcadian From the nineties.

If you notice in the video the exact configuration that makes the ball work, it means your mouse is less than a rolling overunder football. This is an important detail for Game The job.

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Photo: Digital Trends Espanõl

Well, it doesn’t seem like the materials are hard to find, because Tom uses paper, rolling over and cardboard to build the base.

Sometimes the most useless parts of our perception have functions that we can’t imagine. Have you ever thought of seeing a joystick made of these materials?