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Do you have an Android mobile phone?  Device functions that will make your daily life much easier

Do you have an Android mobile phone? Device functions that will make your daily life much easier

Do you want to leave your cell phone? Android More useful in your daily life? The good news is that some jobs promise to make your routine much easier. Here are seven tips that range from taking photos with a voice command to splitting the screen to using two apps at the same time.

7 Android functions that will make your daily life more practical

1. Strengthening memory

Is your cell phone slow? Improving memory is easy! Disable apps you don't use, clear their cache or turn off automatic updates. Bonus tip: In the Play Store, activate the “Automatically archive apps” function to free up space effortlessly.

2. Pictures in screaming

Do you know when you want to take a photo and there is no one to help you? Now, all you have to do is say “cheese” and that's it! Your Android device takes the photo for you. This also applies to videos. Just activate the option “Voice control” In camera settings.

3. Automatic actions

Google Assistant is smarter. Now, she can automate her routines, control her home, translate conversations, and much more. Imagine calling someone or controlling music without touching your cell phone. With Google Assistant, this is possible!

4. Divide and conquer

Want to view two apps at the same time? With the split screen function, this is easy. Open one app, then split the screen to use another app at the same time. It's great, for example, for answering emails while checking your calendar.

5. Quick shortcuts

Forget the hassle of navigating through multiple menus. Using application shortcuts, you can quickly access specific functions. For example, opening a new document in Google Docs without opening the application. Just tap on the app icon and choose the shortcut.

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6. Quick navigation

Changing apps quickly is essential, right? With a simple gesture, you can switch between recently used apps. Just swipe right from the bottom of the screen. Practical and easy for those who need to change tasks without wasting time.

7. Simultaneous translations

Watch videos or listen to podcasts in English? With instant captions, your cell phone displays what is being said in text in real time. It's a great help for anyone learning the language or needing translations. Activate in Accessibility settings.