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Do you feel these five things?  Attention, your body may be without protein

Do you feel these five things? Attention, your body may be without protein

The human body requires many nutrients to remain fully functional and healthy. One of these substances is protein, which is responsible for the restoration and building work. Protein is a macronutrient and is classified as one of the major components of the body’s cells. However, its intake is not always satisfactory and up to basic levels.

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The reason may be that you are not eating enough protein to stay healthy. Understand the symptoms and signs of protein deficiency in the body. Also know that it is possible to substitute meat as the main source of nutrients. However, this is not such a simple task as many people would like.

See what the signs of a protein deficiency are in the body

Eating adequate protein is one of the first concerns of people who decide to follow a vegetarian or vegan diet. Meat is the main source of this macronutrient, which is very difficult to metabolize when it comes from vegetables.

Know that there are even plant-based foods that can contain rich amounts of protein. However, you need to take a few other nutrients together to ensure good absorption. Optimal levels of protein for the body range from 1.2g per kg of body to 1.5g per kg of body.

Watch for each of the five symptoms mentioned

Some of the main symptoms that indicate a lack of protein in the body are:

  • weak bones, which can lead to bone disease and facilitate injuries;
  • Poor hair and brittle, which increases hair loss;
  • weak nails, and break more easily;
  • chronic fatigue and exhaustion, as a person has less energy;
  • Fragile health, with more bouts of the flu and common cold over time.
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Remember that protein is primarily responsible for building and repairing muscles. Therefore, it is highly recommended to seek nutritional assistance if your goal is to stick to a no-diet Meat🇧🇷