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Do these signs appear on your body? It’s time to rest on the weekend

Image copyright Pixabay Image caption High stress is linked to heart problems

Heart problems are increasing in the lives of Brazilians. According to the Ministry of Health, about 300,000 people annually suffer from acute myocardial infarction (AMI) and this number tends to increase by 250% by 2040.

It is possible to identify some of the signs that your heart is not working well and start acting before the problem gets worse. This explains Dr. Carlos Rassi, a cardiologist at Sírio Libanês and a professor at the University of Brasilia (UNB). Keep an eye out for the following symptoms and use this weekend to start living a healthier routine.

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typical signs

The doctor explains that the symptoms of a possible heart attack can be divided into typical and atypical symptoms. The first type is easily recognizable, as is chest pain.

“If the patient is walking and there is chest pain that improves when he stops, and even more so if it is accompanied by shortness of breath, sweating and tingling in the arm, it is recommended that you go to the hospital urgently,” he explained. .

atypical signs

However, the warning signal is not always very strong. Al-Rassi explains that in certain groups such as the elderly, women, diabetics and hypertensive patients, symptoms may vary, but they are no less serious.

Atypical symptoms are manifested by any discomfort, fatigue or pain in the stomach. In these groups it can be a sign of heart disease. “

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Prevention and comfort are essential

To be able to act in the prevention of acute infarction, it is necessary that the patient turns to a cardiologist only when he feels these pains. With this said, any heart problem can be identified in advance.

Al-Rassi also highlights non-pharmacological measures that can be taken to prevent a heart attack, such as regular physical exercise and controlling stress levels on a daily basis.

“Lifestyle change is important. Exercising, not smoking, staying at your weight, trying to keep your stress levels at appropriate levels, dedicating part of your day to relaxation, eating less salt and reducing your alcohol intake can all help in getting Better heart.

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