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Distraught by the diagnosis of a brain tumor, the young man campaigns to pay for the surgery

A sudden headache put young João Marcos Silva Nunes out of work and forced him to look for a hospital. To find out the cause of the discomfort, the doctors ordered some tests and the result was not encouraging at all. A CT scan showed that Joao Marcos had a brain tumour.

It is no coincidence that the young man had a severe headache. The tumor is already more than 6 centimeters in size and about the size of a lemon. Analyzing the case, the doctors recommended surgery as soon as possible to remove the tumor.

To urgently carry out the treatment, Joao Marcos will have to pay. The family is unable to afford the expenses. The budget drawn up for a hospital in Patos de Minas shows that the cost of the surgery is at least R$52,000.

In addition to taking care of a brain tumor diagnosis, from a hospital bed, Joao Marcos tries to save resources. With the support of family and friends, the 21-year-old is campaigning for donations. Anyone who can help with any amount can deposit money through pix: [email protected] Liz is the sister of Joao Marcos.

Anyone who wants to know more about the case and has other ways to help can contact the young man’s family by phone (34) 9 84284184.

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