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New “amazing” spider species discovered in Australia | Sciences

The new species was named Euoplos Lignitas, which means grandeur and dignity – Image: QUEENSLAND MUSEUM via BBC

A new species of spider has been discovered in Australia.

a “Giant trapdoor spider“, as animals of this species are commonly called in the country, were found in the Queensland jungle, in northeastern Australia.

Experts consider this type of animal to be rare. The spider can reach five centimeters in length, a size described as “large for trapdoor spiders”.

Scientists who discovered this species say it may be in danger of extinction due to the loss of native vegetation in the region’s forests.

What do we know about species?

The trapdoor spider is so named because it stays in a leaf-covered hole during the day. However, at night, it opens its hatch made of leaves and hops out to catch insects for food.

The spider was found in an Australian forest – Image: QUEENSLAND MUSEUM via BBC

The official scientific name for the new species is Euoplos gentitas. In Latin, this term can mean dignity or greatness, and was chosen to reflect the spider’s size.

It is believed that females can live up to 20 years.

Although they use fangs full of venom when hunting, they will not be fatal to humans. But the sting can be painful.

This species was found as part of a campaign called Project Dig, which gives insight into the fauna of this region of Australia with the aim of promoting nature conservation.

Scientists are still studying the new spider – Image: Queensland Museum via BBC

Michael Ricks, who led the team that discovered the new spider, described the new species as “an amazing spider…and a big, beautiful type.”

“It’s too big for a trapdoor spider,” said Rix, who is also Principal Scientist at the Queensland Museum and Curator of Arachnology. Females of this species can reach five centimeters in length.

Jeremy Wilson, one of the scientists on the team, says he prefers to think that the species is “now publicly known and can be protected”.

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