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Disney and Pixar release new trailer for Elements;  He watches!

Disney and Pixar release new trailer for Elements; He watches!

This Tuesday morning, the 28th, bumbling Ember and Wade gained new details with the release of the new trailer for “Elements,” a new animation produced through the partnership between Disney and Pixar which is set to hit theaters in June. paying off!

In addition to presenting a story starring the classic elements, i.e. fire, water, earth and air, the film also brings inspiration from childhood Peter Soonthe director of the film, during which he resided in New York, USA.

My parents immigrated from Korea in the early 1970s and opened a busy grocery store in the Bronx. We were among the many families who ventured into a new land with hopes and dreams – all mingled together in one big pot of cultures, languages, and beautiful little neighborhoods. “This is what brought me to Elemental,” the director said in a statement released by Disney in 2022.

summaryitemsHe says, “In a city where fire, water, earth, and air live together, a fiery young woman and the man who goes with the flow will discover something essential: how much they have in common.”

It is worth noting that this will be the twenty-seventh film produced by Pixar, and he will direct it Peter Soon (“The Good Dinosaur”), and produce Denise Ream (“The Good Dinosaur” and “Cars 2”). The movie opens on July 15th here in Brazil.

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