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Director Refutes Cruzeiro’s Possible Debt With Mineiro: ‘Read Only’

Director Refutes Cruzeiro’s Possible Debt With Mineiro: ‘Read Only’

Photo: Staff Images/Cruzeiro

Cruzeiro, Minas Arena and Mineiro are in dire straits

Cruzeiro’s manager, Gabriel Lima, disputed the potential suspicion between Cruzeiro and Mineiro. After the impasse with Minas Arena,

In an interview with Samuel Vincio’s YouTube channel, on Tuesday (24/1), Gabriel Lima stressed that Cruzeiro’s debts with Mineiro are part of the club’s judicial recovery and bond. Therefore, the fox’s lack of understanding today is not due to debt.

Gabriel Lima replied: “There is talk of Cruzeiro’s debt to Mineiro. The SAF law is clear: the association’s debts will be dealt with in judicial reorganization. It is very easy to understand. You just have to read it, look it up and get good advisors.” .

The Cruzeiro manager also noted that the current management, led by Ronaldo, the majority shareholder of SAF Celeste, pushed everything right last season.

“It seems they are trying to push this business as our private problem. [gesto do Ronaldo]. During 2022, we religiously paid on time all the commitments we made with Minas Arena, without even agreeing to what was charged, ”concludes Gabriel Lima, criticizing the contract that Cruzeiro signed with Minas Arena last year.

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