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fell apart!  The trick increases your Nubank card limit by up to R$5,000

Direct tricks to increase your Nubank card limit by up to 5000 BRL

With more than 50 million users, the nubank It is one of the largest digital banks in Latin America. One of the main concerns of fintech is to get people who are excluded from traditional banks to own a bank account.

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But despite this, the limits credit From the bank is still the target of many complaints among customers. So this was in mind that Nubank would provide a maximum reserve.

They create an alternative for people who have a good track record Financial, the ability to reserve a value as a limit, called the “build limit” function. When the user uses this function, he has the possibility to deposit this amount into his account and use this amount as a credit limit.

That is, if the customer deposits 100 BRL into the account, this amount will be provided as a balance. The digital bank also clarifies that when a customer makes a purchase, a part of this deposited funds will no longer be available for use and when the bill is paid, the limit is released again.

Find out the maximum limit of up to 5 thousand Brazilian riyals from Nubank

According to the information received from Nubank, the limit available to users through the “Reserve Limit” function will depend on the amount deposited by the customer. With this in mind, it is possible to get a credit limit of up to R$5,000.

Also according to the bank information, when the maximum deposited amount is reserved, the customer does not automatically pay the card bill, the amount is reserved.

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according to nubankCustomers can still pay the card bill with the money saved, however, the bank recommends booking this amount as a maximum, as this will increase the chances of increasing the pre-approved limit.

If the card bill is not paid by the due date, the bank will use this reserved amount to pay the bill, but the user should keep in mind that this may affect a new credit analysis, as well as impose a fine, interest and IOF.

Although many people have not seen an advantage in this new functionality made available by Digital Bank, it will help you to improve your relationship with Bank.

Learn how to reserve funds as a credit line at Nubank

Follow the steps below to be able to book Limit creditIt’s very simple and fast.

1 ° Log in to the Nubank “credit card” session;
2 ° select the option “Set limit”;
3 ° click on “Book as limit” and choose the amount you want to book;
4 ° Finally, read the terms carefully and accept the terms, then confirm the operation by typing your card password.

As Nubank said, the amount will be reversed to the credit card limit in just a few minutes, plus unused amounts can be refunded at any time.