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A350 from Russia's Aeroflot is shown in another company's hybrid paint

A350 from Russia’s Aeroflot is shown in another company’s hybrid paint

With no foreseen end to sanctions against Russia, Western aircraft that will go to Russian companies are already being directed to other companies, confirming the expectations raised earlier.

picture: Eurospot

The first is an Airbus A350-900XWB that was originally destined for Aeroflot and was finished and painted in the Russian state company’s colors, but has now moved to another state-owned company, Turkey, where Western companies cannot sell more planes. For the Russians because of the sanctions.

How do Previously seen on AEROINTurkish Airlines entered into an agreement with Airbus to speed up the delivery of the A350s, and it was expected to receive the aircraft, which will go to Aeroflot, in a total of six aircraft.

Now, the first of them has already been seen at the Airbus plant in Toulouse, southern France. According to a photo from Eurospot, the plane still has Aeroflot paint on the fuselage, tail and engines, but it has already acquired the Turkish Airlines name written in the Turkish company’s original colors.

It is not clear when this copy will be delivered and whether the painting will be finished, as the information indicates that the interior will not be changed and will remain as requested by the Russian company. Since Turkey uses the A350 on its regular flight between Istanbul and Sao Paulo, it is likely that this aircraft will be seen in Brazil soon.

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