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Deniz praises Marquinhos' awareness of goals and sees a fair draw for Fluminense |  Fluminense

Deniz praises Marquinhos' awareness of goals and sees a fair draw for Fluminense | Fluminense

Hey Fluminense The quest for a second Conmebol Libertadores title began with a 1-1 draw with Alianza Lima in Peru. In a press conference, coach Fernando Diniz highlighted Marquinhos' positioning, who appeared free on a corner kick at the second post to score Tricolor's goal. This was No. 77's first goal since arriving at Rio.

Watch the interview with Fernando Diniz and Marquinhos after Fluminense's draw with Alianza Lima, via CONMEBOL Libertadores

– It was Marquinhos' perception. He was very good at the game. He was confident and understood the space. Essentially, the cross was directed more at Lily than at him. Laila attracts the mark and ends up entering the space and scoring the goal.

Alianza Lima 1 x 1 Fluminense | The best moments | Conmebol Libertadores 2024

He was asked about passing errors FluminenseDiniz acknowledged the mediocre performance, but attributed part of the situation to the state of the field at the Alejandro Villanueva Stadium. In general, the coach considered that the draw was fair.

– I think we made a lot of passing mistakes, which is not common for a team. The match will be difficult because of the way they played. They played almost no matches with this formation with a line of five, four of whom were original defenders. What they expected were errors in the first part of construction. “We make more mistakes than we normally do,” Deniz said, adding:

Fernando Diniz – Alianza Lima x Fluminense — Photo: LUCAS MERSION/FLUMINENSE FC

– They scored the goal and became stronger when it came to closing spaces. The field also hurts me a lot. An irregular and very dry field. Pitch has to do with the passes we miss. It takes time to adapt. In the second half we had a more aggressive attitude. We put the team ahead, but we didn't become disorganized. It was difficult to break through, but we were close to equalizing and we deserved the draw.

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Continuing the seven-game marathon in April, Fluminense He returns to the field to face Colo-Colo in the Maracana. The ball will roll at 9:30 pm next Tuesday, for the second round of the group stage in the Libertadores.

Other topics from Fernando Diniz's interview:

Because of Fluminense Don't shoot from outside the penalty area?
– It's not my instructions, on the contrary. When teams play with a low line, it is difficult for them to make shots. There weren't many shots he allowed plays to be made. But when the line is too low, it is difficult to find shooting spaces. But one possibility of scoring a goal will almost always be a shot from outside the penalty area, which, even if it is not a goal, can lead to a corner kick. This thing about the ball going into the goal… At City and Arsenal now… two teams with attacking propositions. City scored one goal in 100 minutes, playing at home, the pitch was perfect, a team that had played together for five years. Arsenal kicked twice. It's a kind of relative. When both teams needed to score, they scored on low blocks. But this team scored very good results today. But I agree that when we have the opportunity, we should take the shot. The ball won't necessarily go in. But it can deflect and enter, or generate a corner kick.

The moves in which Serna from Alianza Lima got her freedom:
– He did not appear free because we left him free. The reason he appears with chances to finish the match is because of mistakes that the team does not usually make. The team doesn't miss passes. We offer many counterattacks. We knew they could play like this. That time when we missed the pass in the first build-up line, they had chances.

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Fair result?
– I think they have more chances to score than us. However, we were a team that took more risks in the game. Putting the two things together, I think the result of the match was fair.

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