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“Botafogo needs to sign defenders,” concludes the broadcaster after the defeat to Junior Barranquilla

“Botafogo needs to sign defenders,” concludes the broadcaster after the defeat to Junior Barranquilla

Presenter of the program “Troca de Passes” on the channel “SporTV”, Felipe Diniz he thinks that Botafogo He will need to employ defenders for the rest of the season. The analysis was carried out after the 3-1 defeat to Junior Barranquilla on Wednesday, at the Nilton Santos Stadium, by Libertadores.

-I have the impression that Botafogo needs to sign defenders. Barboza does not provide safety. Today he was annoyed by the balls he received and tried to cross into the area, with only one player in the area, and he missed all the crosses, very hasty. “Botafogo's performance is bad defensively, and I think they need to seriously consider signing more experienced and reliable players,” Diniz said.

Commentator Carlos Eduardo Mansour He also diagnosed Botafogo's defensive problems, but they included the organization of the team as a whole.

– What caught my attention most in the match was Botafogo’s defensive performance. The first goal really highlighted a problem, as Botafogo came out to put pressure on the opposition defenders with Tequinho, Eduardo and the midfielders behind them to put pressure on the Junior midfielders. Mansour said: When the long ball came, there was too much space between the midfielders and the defensive line and Botafogo had almost no one to win the second ball.

In the second goal, it is impressive how Botafogo positions itself in an attacking corner and exposes itself terribly after losing the ball on the edge of the penalty area after it bounced. He added that in the third goal, Botafogo lost the ball in attack, went completely uncoordinated to press the ball and a large gap was formed, and there was a lot of space for Junior Barranquilla.

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In addition to key players Barboza and Lucas Halter, Botafogo also have at their disposal Bastos, Luis Segovia (who returned from loan at RWD Molenbeek), Pablo (who is in the final stages of recovery from a quadriceps injury) and youngster Kawan. And Jefferson Maciel. The domestic window is open until April 19, but any players signed will not be able to play in the group stage of the Libertadores.