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Deniz analyzes Flo’s match and reveals the team’s departure: “It is imminent…”

Deniz analyzes Flo’s match and reveals the team’s departure: “It is imminent…”

Fluminense coach Diniz commented on the victory over Sao Paulo in the Brazilian League, and admitted that some players should leave the Rio club; know more

Fernando Diniz The game opened on Fluminense After the postponed round against Sao PauloLast Wednesday, the 22nd, Tricolor Carioca defeated Tricolor Paulista 1-0 with a goal from Pumping. The leader praised his team’s performance and highlighted the duel period, which he believed was the best.

“I liked the game. In fact, I liked the part where it was 11 vs. 11 more than 11 vs. 10. We were focused, scored very good goals, exciting control of the game and came close to opening the scoring. After the sending off (from Gaby Nieves), we relaxed a little, and succumbed to dangerous counterattacks. In the second half, we came back more connected as well. We had more chances to score goals. The match was conditional on an expulsion Sao PauloDeniz said.

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The coach also praised the team’s individual performance Fluminenseespecially those Andrew that it Martinelli. Deniz also noted that someone must leave the cast soon: “I really enjoyed their participation. Andre’s departure is imminent. There are two players training at Fluminense. They both had very good times. They are the players I really like.”

Technical understanding is that Nino You can also say goodbye to the flu. He added: “If Europe wants to take someone out of here, they will do it. Few clubs can keep a player. Obviously, if you always take the best, take the best, from here in Brazil and around the world, there is a gap. But football “Brazilian football is improving when the teams can organize themselves more and more.”Deniz explained.

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