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Globo changes game time and can interfere with the party

Globo changes game time and can interfere with the party

A request from TV Globo could directly intervene in the potential title ceremony for the Brazilian champion Palm trees. The television station requested, and the Brazilian Federation changed the date of the Palmeiras-Fortaleza match, next Wednesday (2), a national holiday for all souls. It was previously scheduled for 16:00, the match was moved to 21:30.

Without the change, Verdão will depart at the same time as América-MG x Internacional. The gauchos are the only ones who can stop the Palmeiras party. On the other hand, if Inter do not beat the miners, Palmeiras will remain champions in focus in the match of the night.

During the afternoon of Friday (28), the CBF published the change in the Inter match at 21:30. However, soon after, the entity took the page off the air.

a UOL Esporte I learned from Palmeiras sources that the club was only aware of the change. As a contractual franchise, Globo can change game times according to its interests, as long as they comply with the rules set forth in the Fan Act.

The document states that the game time can be changed up to five days before its start date. That is, the application submitted by Globo to the CBF complies with this deadline.

But with over 15,000 tickets sold out by 6:00 p.m. Friday (28), Palmeiras offered to compensate fans unable to attend the stadium with a timely change. Requests can be submitted up to 24 hours before departure.

The report, together with the other parties involved in the two matches, found that Inter did not accept the change, and therefore, the entity returned the duel that will be held in Bosnia and Herzegovina to the original time.

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Among other reasons, Inter greeted the 16:00 maintenance with relief that the logistics are already ready. The return flight to Porto Alegre is scheduled for 8:30 pm, about two and a half hours after the end of the game against America-MG in Minas.

Furthermore, given Palmeiras’ advantage in the table, the Colorados don’t feel like they’re in real contention for the title, and wouldn’t mind entering the field more than five hours before Palmeiras.