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Delta plane makes emergency landing in US due to broken glass - 02/04/2022 - World

Delta plane makes emergency landing in US due to broken glass – 02/04/2022 – World

A Delta Airlines flight from Salt Lake City to Washington D.C. made an emergency landing in Denver last Thursday (31) after the plane’s windshield shattered in midair.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is now investigating what went wrong to cause the problem, a spokesman said Saturday. Without giving further details, the FAA stated that there was a maintenance problem in the middle of the aircraft.

KUTV, a subsidiary of the CBS network, said the Boeing 757 was carrying 198 passengers. Rachel Wright, one of the occupants of the plane, reported the problem 90 minutes after the flight took off.

Delta spokeswoman Melissa Long said in a statement that there was no word yet on when the glass cracked or why. “With great caution, the crew returned to Denver, and the plane landed as usual,” he said. “Our team acted quickly to accommodate customers on a new flight. We apologize for the delay and inconvenience.”

A cardiologist who was on a flight to the medical conference shared a photo on Twitter that said the glass was broken but attached to the frame. “Obviously, it’s spontaneous,” Kirk Nolden wrote.

John Cox, a pilot who worked for American Airways, explained in an article in the newspaper United States Today In 2019, cracks in the windshield of the aircraft’s control panel could occur due to thermal problems.

Cracks are more likely to occur during boarding than at other stages of the aircraft, although similar experiences have already been recorded at other altitudes. “When this happens occasionally, it’s rare,” Cox wrote.

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