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Delta is chanted in the United States to defend the mixing of religion and politics

Delta is chanted in the United States to defend the mixing of religion and politics

During an event at MIT in the United States, ex-lawyer and indicted federal deputy Delton Tallagnol sided with entrepreneur Elon Musk, owner of the social network X (formerly Twitter), in his dispute with Brazil's Federal Supreme Court (STF). Second Fola report Signed by Fernanda Perrin, Deltan was outraged when he elevated the Christian faith to a political value.

Dallagnol supported Musk's criticism of social media censorship by STF Minister Alexandre de Moraes, highlighting the importance of freedom of expression. “Accounts cannot be censored and ideological content that is innocent and illegal cannot be censored,” Deltan said, referring to the trend toward authoritarianism and censorship in Brazil.

At a panel on corruption in Brazil organized by Brazilian students from Harvard and MIT, Deltan emphasized his commitment to religion as a political principle, particularly when he faced negative reactions when opposing abortion rights. Despite the uproar, he reiterated his view of prejudice against the expression of faith in public, compared to other socially accepted ideologies.

And, despite criticism of his method of fighting Deltan corruption, he took the opportunity to praise Operation Lava Jado's legacy. He highlighted the importance of avoiding the politicization of corruption and the demonization of specific groups, which differed from the views of Senator Alessandro Vieira, who criticized the fusion of religion and politics and warned against looking for “heroes and sheriffs” in the opposition. – Fight against corruption.

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