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Os estudos e as imagens do aye-aye são muito importantes para entender detalhes sobre como funciona a anatomia do primata— considerada distinta em diversos sentido -  (crédito: Natural History Museum)

CT images show how a Madagascar lemur “pricks” its nose

Published on 10/27/2022 15:37

Studies and photos of aye-aye are very important to understanding the details of how primate anatomy works – considered distinct in many ways – (credit: Museum of Natural History)

Ai primates have one of the longest fingers, which makes them useful for hunting caterpillars in tree holes. The animal, also known as Lily or Madagascar It is classified as strepsirrhine, for the presence of comma-shaped nostrils, attached to the upper lip and which fuse with the gums.

Aye-aye studies and images are very important to understanding the details about how primate anatomy works — which is distinct in many ways.

The longest aye-aye finger measures about 65% of the length of the hand. The researchers performed a CT reconstruction to demonstrate how these primates beat their noses.

Scientists have found that at least 12 species of primates have been named “nose-pickers,” including chimpanzees and orangutans.

Cover by Correio Braziliense

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