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CS:GO Has Nearly 10,000 Hackers Banned By Valve In One Day

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is a game that suffers a lot from cheaters who cheat to eliminate opponents, or even see walls, and on the morning of June 5th there was a ban wave, which punished a total of 920 players.

A ban was made by Valve to punish those who use third-party software to gain a competitive advantage, which is unfortunately common in CS: GO, where they make a full read to penalize shady players using the illegal software at the time of verification.

Valve employee celebrated wave of ban (screenshot)

Unlike a VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) ban, which is implemented after complaints and still requires some player checks, the ban spell takes place directly and players cannot get around this system.

Nearly 10,000 were punished in one day (Screen Capture – ConVars)

The last wave of bans took place in August 2020 and is rarely implemented. So when they do, they surprise many cheaters, as the constantly active VAC fails to do the same job of protection. The difference this time was that players who paid someone to raise their level also received a penalty, a lower penalty may have been applied than the permanent ban for piracy, but there is no specific information beyond the penalty count.

Valve reversed the CS: GO tip system on June 3, and now Free Edition players need to purchase Prime to receive experience, ranks, end-match items, or skill set rankings — something that was available even in the free version. However, it is still possible to play normally if you are not interested in these bonuses.

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