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Reino Unido cria documento para viajantes à medida que setor reabre

Creates documentation for UK travelers

The UK government recently released a document Passenger Govt-19 Charter, Which aims to provide clear and accessible information to travelers, outlining their rights and responsibilities while traveling this summer.


The department is creating a document for UK travelers as it reopens

As established by the Global Travel Task Force, it will provide material guidance on what to do when restrictions on Covit-19 take effect, including consumer rights, responsibilities and reasonable expectations for international travel if passenger travel plans change.

The following are some examples of information that the document provides to travelers:

  • In the event of cancellation of a flight, ferry, cruise or vacation package, the traveler has the legal right to a full refund
  • The customer has no right to a refund if any changes in travel restrictions or advice affect the plans, but the provider does not cancel the booking, but he should contact the supplier to discuss changing dates or travel destinations. Travel is possible soon
  • Travel providers must share their standards and policies to keep consumers safe, and travelers must be prepared to receive appropriate certifications, vaccines, or targeted exemptions.

Travel guidance, advice and information can be updated before departure dates. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the traveler to verify the relevant data during booking and before the trip.

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