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The United Kingdom, Italy and Brazil share the same urgency to protect the environment – Economy

UK, Italy e Brazil Share some feelings. First, and frankly, for football – all three countries together add up to a rich history of ten World Cups and shared impressions.

However, there is a second interest, which, while well known, shows our values: admiration for nature and the urgency to preserve it. For example, some of the finest paintings of Brazilian natural beauty were created by a British artist, Henry Chamberlain, And by an Italian, Nicola Antonio Facchinetti. His works can be found here Masp, In Sa Palo.

However, this interest is not limited to thought. Climate leadership, an important year in the fight against climate change in 2021, is another point that is common among our countries.

We share the presidency of the conference HIM-HER-IT Climate change (COP26), which will take place in November Glasgow. In October, Italy hosts two preparatory events in Milan: Youth for the Climate, which brings together about 400 young people from around the world, and the final gathering in preparation for COP26, Pre-Cope. The international community relies on constructive participation and leadership from Brazil, especially after the commitment made by the President to the Leaders’ Conference. Biden, Last month. We expect that the role and responsibilities of a country with all the capabilities to be an active and ambitious protagonist of international climate action are the size of the present and the future.

But until then, we have a lot to do. As leaders of the G-7 and G-20 summits to be held in Italy in June and the United Kingdom in October, we will place the climate at the center of the global agenda. We will use our strategic positions to create jobs and stimulate a reversible economic recovery that includes the most vulnerable.

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As far as Glasgow is concerned, as announced by COP26 Appointed President Alok Sharma last week, nations, sub-national actors, the private sector and civil society – in Brazil and the world – will focus on four objectives: 1) global commitment to zero emissions to promote; 2) urgent adaptation to protect communities and natural habitats; 3) Facilitate fundraising and investment flows; And 4) acting in collaboration with real-world activities and expediting their implementation.

We know that it is not an easy task. If we want to control the harmful effects of climate change and reduce the temperature rise to 1.5 ° C, we need ambitious policies and bold action. We are pleased with the increasing commitment of governments and corporations to zero emissions by 2050. The inspirational leadership and political will will be decisive, and we will need everyone on board.

We firmly believe that Brazil will remain a fundamental part of the solution. We want to continue to work to ensure that the country has a key role to play in ending illegal deforestation by 2030 and implementing the already declared obligations, including carbon neutrality, by the middle of the century. Investors and the private sector have demonstrated accessible financial opportunities to the country as they advance this agenda, including a new form of partnership between the public and private sectors.

COP26 will not be the only one in the negotiations. As hosts, we like to focus on concrete activities and implementation Agreement Paris. We can do it! It is important to work together in the coming months, and coming to Glasgow is well prepared to make the difference that people in Brazil and around the world expect from us.

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Above all, we want football fields to be green for our athletes. We want other artists to continue to be a useful source of inspiration in nature.

* Ambassador of the United Kingdom and Ambassador of Italy to Brazil, respectively