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Jacaré was first introduced to MMA and left an afflicted octagon

Jacaré was first introduced to MMA and left an afflicted octagon

UFC 262 might mark the end of Ronaldo Jacquarie’s career in UFC. At the attraction held on Saturday (15th), in Houston, Texas (USA), the middleweight veteran (84 kg) not only lost to André ‘Sergipano’, a promise of the class, but also finished for First time in your career. After the sudden setback, the jiu-jitsu black belt immediately left the appraiser for medical treatment.

Veteran Ronaldo “Jacquary”, 40, is having a delicate moment at the biggest organization in the World MMA In the world, by four-game losing streak. The negative hierarchy is the worst in the jiu-jitsu black belt career. In fact, the new setback might mean his resignation from Ultimate. In addition to ‘Sergipano’, the seasoned fighter has been overpowered by Jack Hermansson, Jan Blachowicz and Kevin Holland.


The beginning of the fight was studied, as the athletes respect each other in the octagon. Ronaldo “Jacquery” took the initiative to fight with kicks and pressure, and put Andre “Sergibano” on the net and sought removal. On the ground, the veteran gave good punches, but his middleweight promise managed to rise. Standing up, he attacks the miner and manages to take down Jacquary, who leaves the position. In the sequence, Andre implements another fall and Jacquary quickly gets up.

In a veteran idiot, ‘Sergipano’ regained his back and attacked his arm, and thus, the referee interrupted the fight, without even giving ‘Jacaré’ the traditional three pullback patties. It was the first time that the jiu-jitsu black belt had ended his career and the result was painful. In addition to breaking his arm, the cute technical specialist has been defeated for a fourth consecutive time in the UFC and is in grave danger of being cut from the company.

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On the other hand, André ‘Sergipano’, 30, is a professional who flies under the radar of some fans and other UFC middleweight fighters. When the athlete won all three of his matches in the company, he approached the top 15 in this category. In the world’s largest mixed martial arts organization since 2019, the Brazilian passed his countrymen Antonio Arroyo, Ronaldo “Jacquardi” as well as Bartosh Fabinsky. In Method, the Miner Cartel consists of 20 victories and four defeats.

Jordan Wright eliminates the opponent and is vying for the “Night Performance” bonus.

At his promised average weight (84 kg), it took Jordan Wright just over a minute to confirm his place in the category and the Jimmy Beckett Massacre. At the time, “The Beverly Hills Ninja” mistreated an opponent by applying a series of elbows along the grid, floor, and pound. To the amazement of the fighter and part of the fans, he resisted The Nightwolf, but its end was near. After waking up, Beckett was shot again by his opponent.

After wasting the opportunity to end the fight, Wright did not make the same mistake, with his opponent shaking, he ended the duel by applying a knee and more ground and pound. With an overwhelming performance inside the appraiser, Al American became one of the favorites to win one of the “Night Performance” bonuses. Now, the middleweight promise adds two wins in three UFC matches.

Andrea Lee dominates the opponent and approaches the top 10 in flyweight

Andrea Lee made the Texas fans happy. The home athlete ignored the fact that Antonina Shevchenko was the sister of Valentina, the UFC flyweight champion (57 kg), and was unaware of the fighter in the octagon. The victory of the Americans in and of itself was not surprising, but the way it was designed. It is worth noting that the “KGB” became known in MMA due to its remarkable level, but this time it showed development on the ground and introduced its opponent in the second round.

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In the first part, Andrea and Valentina had a balanced duel, but the American realized that wrestling would be a good way to achieve victory. In the next round, the “KGB” succeeded in knocking down the opponent early and presenting a fair jiu-jitsu. The fighter was about to end the fight several times, but Antonina showed her strength and defended herself from the Triangle and other attacks. However, Andrea did not give up and introduced the hero’s sister through the arm strap. With such a beautiful victory, the athlete, who is 11th in the flyweight ranking, must enter the top ten in the next update.

Follow the UFC 262 results:

Andre “Sergibano” Ronaldo presented “Jacquard” in the first round;
Lando Vannata defeated Mike Grundy by split decision.
Jordan Wright nocauteou Jimmy Beckett No. 1º shot;
Andrea Lee in Final Round No. 2 Antonina Shevchenko;
Priscilla “Pedretta” defeated Gina Mazane in the second round;
Tucker Lutz defeated Kevin Aguilar by unanimous decision.
Christos Giagos presented Shawn Soriano in the second round.