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Corinthians crush Ava Kinderman at home to confirm her place in the semi-finals of the Brazilian Women's Championship

Corinthians crush Ava Kinderman at home to confirm her place in the semi-finals of the Brazilian Women’s Championship

Corinthians confirmed their place in the semi-finals of the Brazilian Women’s Championship in style. On Sunday afternoon, the team crushed Avai Kinderman at Fazendinha 6 A 0for the return match on Wednesday. In the first leg, Timao had already won with a score of 4-1, in total, the score ended 10-1.

Now, the Alvinegro team is waiting for the outcome of the confrontation between Ferroviaria and Santos, who face each other on Monday. In the first duel, Araraquara won 3-2, and the Brazilian Football Confederation will still confirm the dates for the semi-final matches.

Write it down, believer! Corinth returns to the field next Thursday. Away from home, the team faces São Jose, at 15:00, in the third round of the São Paulo Championship.

Lined up

Arthur sent Elias Corinth into the field to make the decision with: Kimeli. Katusia, Erica, Giovanna Campiolo, and Yasmeen; Ingrid, Gabi Zanotti, Andersina, and Tamiris; Adriana and Victoria Albuquerque.

My Timon

the game

First time

Avaí Kindermann needed to chase the score and tried to launch himself in the attack in the first minutes but to no avail, ending up with a player sent off 14 minutes into the first half. Timao arrived to play with Victoria Albuquerque in goal. Somaya, the opponent’s opponent, intercepted the kick with his arm and the referee interpreted it as a penalty, punishing the player with a red card. Victoria herself charged and turned, opening the score. The show sparked a lot of complaints on Avaí’s part.

In the 20th minute, another step of danger from Corinth. Tamiris cross from the left and the head of the crossbar Vick. At 22, Adriana made a good speeding move down the right, finding Tamiris in the area, who dominated and hit the corner, but the goalkeeper applauded.

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At 23, Adriana herself took a chance on the outside and Archer failed to score second Timon. With easy access to the attack, the team quickly advanced in the third with Yasmine, who received the ball that he raised in the area in the 28th minute and put it only in the corner.

With an extra player on the field and a comfortable advantage, Corinthians were able to manage the pace of the game the rest of the first stage, always in possession of the ball. Avaí tried to escape from the wings, but did not threaten Kemelli’s goal. At the age of 46, Adriana almost scored the team’s fourth goal, finishing from close range over the goal.


On the way back from the break, Avai had a chance to back out after 30 seconds. Barbara Melo received a cross into the goal, with Kemelli already displaced, but he sent it. And who doesn’t. In the next step, Jennifer, who left the bench, did her job, completing the raised ball in the area. 4 to 0 on the farm.

At 24, it was Tamiris’ turn to hold her. The captain got a rebound from the defense and added a cross kick into the corner, scoring Timon fifth.

At the age of 39, Adriana played on the left flank and crossed over to Mireia, who had just come in. The striker was healthy and facing the goal, but he came out with his head. Katusia, 40, made up for the loss of her partner and scored the sixth goal for Corinthians, hitting a cross in the area and closing the account.

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Corinthian Data Sheet 6 x 0 Kinderman

Contest: Brazilian Women’s Championship
Sweetened: Alfredo Schrej Stadium, São Paulo, SB
data: August 22, 2021 (Sunday)
Hor Wacotrio: 5:00 pm (Brazilia)
Rule: Tiago Loreno de Matos
Objectives: Katusia, Jassim, Tamers, Adriana, Victoria Albuquerque, Jennifer (Corinthians)
red card: Sumaya (Kinderman)

Corinth: Kimeli. Katusia, Erica (Tarsian), Giovanna Campiolo, and Jassim; Ingrid (Diane) (Grazzi), Gabi Zanotti (Miri), Andrecinha and Tamiris; Adriana and Victoria Albuquerque (Jennifer).
idiomatic: Arthur Elias

Kinderman: Leticia. Tuani, Zio, Laryh (Patricia Derrico), and Gaby (Carla); Katie (Kah) (Giovanna Silva), Barbara Mello, Camilla and Carol; Sumaya and Leil.
idiomatic: Rodolfo Segundo

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