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Controlling the Window, Bringing a Snack, Disturbing the Stewardess: See In-flight Etiquette Rules |  Travel and Tourism

Controlling the Window, Bringing a Snack, Disturbing the Stewardess: See In-flight Etiquette Rules | Travel and Tourism

Airplane passengers – Photo: Chris Brignola on Unsplash

A great deal of in-flight comfort is related to who is traveling on the same plane: if there is a lot of noise, strong smells, or someone taking up the other person’s space.

But to ensure a peaceful trip without major hassles, there are some etiquette rules that can be followed. Check out tips from Vice President of the National Aeronautics Federation (SNA), Cláuver Castilho, and creator of the Aerolindas blog, which depicts the daily lives of flight attendants, Letícia Ramos.

🎧 Don’t make noise: Remember that the plane is a closed environment, so the noise can be very disturbing to other passengers. The ideal is to always use headphones when watching a video or playing music during a flight.

Beware of smells: As with noise, it’s important to avoid very strong odors, such as nail polish, acetone, or perfume, during the flight.

🪟 Remember that the window is not yours alone: If you’re in a window seat, it’s important to be sympathetic to the light. Pay attention to the passenger next to you to check if the light bothers you.

🗣️ Don’t yell at the flight attendant: During the flight, you may need help to do some activities. To order this service, you only need to click on the call once, and do not keep pressing it several times. Likewise, don’t shout or pull at the flight attendant’s clothes to get attention.

🛄 Do not use other people’s space: Try to organize your baggage and other items used during the trip within the suggested limit of your ticket.

🏃 Control of children: Don’t let them roam the hall unsupervised. In addition to causing havoc during the flight, it can be dangerous.

Now with regard to The baby is crying, even if it bothers you, there is nothing that can be done. This is because he may be suffering from pressure that causes pain in his ears.

🛌 Do not recline the seat on short trips: On some flights, such as those of up to an hour, reclining can disturb the passenger in the seat behind your seat during a meal, for example, since the service on the plane is usually faster in these cases – or the person may be I eat a snack that I took on the trip (Which is not a problem, according to Castillo.)

🛬 Wait your turn: When disembarking, it is necessary to wait until your queue is called to pick up hand luggage and disembark from the plane, avoiding congestion at the flight exit.

⚠ Follow the safety rules: Do not violate safety instructions. When prompted, fasten your seat belt and position the seat vertically, eg.

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