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Contract workers will receive a gift from the government

Contract workers will receive a gift from the government

Workers who have a formal contract will receive a gift from the federal government this year 2023. This is because those who have a balance in FGTS linked accounts until December 31, 2022 will receive FGTS earnings in this year.

It is important to know that FGTS is a type of savings that is created for the worker who has a formal contract. With this, the company must deposit every month an amount equal to 8% of the salary received by the employee into this guarantee fund.

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A gift for employees with an official contract

This income, which acts as a gift to the workers, is given due to loan amounts given to the federal government. The loan aims to finance basic infrastructure and sanitation projects for the Brazilian population.

With this, the government makes a kind of monetary correction which acts as a kind of payment of interest on the amounts that have been used up. In this way, these amounts are thought of for the employees who had money in their account on December 31 of the last year.

Last year, about R$13 billion of Guaranty Fund profits were distributed to 106.7 million eligible workers. This represents 99% of the total income earned in the last year. Payments are approved by the FGTS Board of Trustees.

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When will FGTS earnings be paid this year?

As per Law No. 13.446 of 2017 authorizing the transfer of this cash correction to workers who have funds in the FGTS account, the guarantee fund dividend payment process is as follows:

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The funds will be distributed to all linked accounts that have a positive balance on December 31 of the reference year. Payment will be proportional to the balance of each FGTS-linked account in the base year. The workers must be paid by August 31 of this year. This action will be the responsibility of the Board of Trustees.

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How can FGTS profit be calculated?

To carry out the calculation in practice, you must take into account the basis on 99% of the result achieved last year. The important thing is not to consider this value 100%. In the end, the amount is divided between the Fundo de Garantia accounts registered with Caixa.

Based on this information, in the last year, the distribution index was 0.02748761 against the balance in the account of the active or inactive worker linked to the guarantee fund until December 31, 2021. In practice, a worker with savings of R$1,000, receiving a deposit of R$27.49 .

The calculation looks relatively like this: anyone with R$100 worth of savings earned R$2.75; Those with R$500 in savings received R$13.74; Those with a total of R$5,000 received R$137.45; Those who had R$10,000 in their account received R$274.90.