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Truck drivers have until next week to submit a self-declaration to receive assistance

Since the beginning of the economic crisis and the rise in fuel prices, many groups have suffered, especially cargo drivers. Now, with the help of 1000 BRL from Federal governmentTruck drivers are required to submit a self-certification in order to be entitled to benefit. So, don’t miss reading our article today to get more information on this topic.

Truck drivers need to self-certify – Photo: jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

Self-permit for truck drivers

Drivers who transport goods independently have until November 7 to announce for themselves the fifth batch of Truck Driver Help. It is important to note that payment will continue through November.

In addition, truck drivers who have any questions regarding advantages can contact call center hello business service by number 158. Moreover, the information should be consulted through CAIXA CITIZEN SERVICE Over the phone 111.

It should be noted that the benefit is part of the pre-election social package created through the so-called PEC KamikazeReleased July 14th. Some points to work on PEC The increase in value was Brazil Aid and expand in gas voucher.

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How can truck drivers implement self-permit?

The deadline for carriers to submit a self-declaration and receive the fifth installment of entitlement is until November 7. Moreover, the Emergency Benefit for Independent Cargo Carriers (Well trucker) 1,000 Brazilian reals for workers by December of this year.

To register, truck drivers must have access to Portal hiring Brazil (workbrasil.mte.gov.br) or through the app digital business portfolio (Links at the end of the article).

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Who is entitled to benefit?

Workers who meet the following conditions are entitled to benefits:

  1. Self-employed freight carriers that meet the “active” registration status through National Register of Road Carriers (RNTR-C);
  2. Professionals who are with National driving license (driver’s license) it’s the CPF valid and up-to-date;
  3. The monthly payment will be made in the amount of R$1,000 regardless of the number of vehicles the truck driver has;
  4. Moreover, it will not be necessary for professionals to provide proof of diesel oil purchase in order to obtain value;
  5. It is worth emphasizing that a driver whose registration status is “pending” or “pending” must make a settlement through National Land Transport Agency (you) to be entitled to assistance.

How do I know if I can receive?

In order for the driver to find out if he is able to receive the allowance, it is necessary to consult you through this link (https://consultapublica.antt.gov.br/Site/ConsultaRNTRC.aspx/ConsultaPublica/).

In addition, it is also necessary to update some registration data, such as address and links, among other specific information. Other information about the result of processing and payment should be consulted through the electronic address www.gov.br/trabalho-e-previdencia/pt-br/assuntos/beneficiocaminhoneiro.

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