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Consultation on the second batch of income tax refunds for 2024 has opened!

Consultation on the second batch of income tax refunds for 2024 has opened!

For millions of Brazilians, the announcement Income tax It’s a crucial time of the year. In 2024, the news comes with the launch of the second batch of refunds, which promises to return significant amounts to certain groups of taxpayers. From 10 a.m. this Friday (21), About 5.75 million people They can check if their accounts are with “LionThey are really right.

Those who have submitted their declarations by the deadline and are part of priority groups should pay special attention. Unlike previous years, this year’s conditions are affected by external factors, such as floods in the country. Rio Grande do Sulwhich directly affects the order in which refunds are received.

Who are included in the second batch?

The second batch of 2024 income tax refunds includes not only refunds from the current year, but also refunds left over from previous years. This batch in particular will benefit approx. 250 thousand taxpayers from Rio Grande do Suland placed it in priority for receipt due to the weather difficulties that the region has witnessed recently.

What is the income tax refund schedule?

  • Second batch: June 28;
  • Third payment: July 31;
  • Fourth payment: August 30;
  • Fifth batch: September 30.

How to check refund?

To check if you are one of those included in this payment, the Federal Revenue Service provides accessible digital tools. Taxpayers can access the official Revenue page, click on “My income tax“Then select”Consult for refundIn addition, there is an option to use Federal Revenue app, to facilitate consultation via smartphones and tablets.

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Payment details and additional procedures

Refunds will be credited on June 28th.Directly in the account or in the key pixel from a kind of CPF Which was reported during the statement. Taxpayers who did not find their names in the second batch list should not be discouraged: they can access Virtual Taxpayer Service Center (e-CAC) to check for potential outstanding issues or submit a corrective statement.

It is important to pay attention to the deadline for claiming the refund. If, for any reason, the amount has not been credited to the indicated account, you will need to contact Bank of Brazil Within a maximum period of one year to resolve the situation. After this period, a refund of unclaimed funds must be requested through CAC electronic portal.

this year, The IRS promises to speed up processes and ensure that all eligible taxpayers receive their refunds as soon as possibleTherefore, it is essential that every taxpayer keeps up with updates and uses available resources to ensure their rights.