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Livelo offers up to 14 points for every riyal spent at Basically, Casas Bahia, L’Occitane and 13 other partners

Livelo offers up to 14 points for every riyal spent at Basically, Casas Bahia, L’Occitane and 13 other partners

a Livelo that it Offer up to 14 points for every dollar spent In stores such as Basically, Casas Bahia, L’Occitane and 13 other partners. Promotions have different validity periods and degrees – check!

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Eligible partners

Note that Booking.com scores 8 points per dollar spent and Câmbio Online scores 3 points per $5 spent.


  • through 6/26/2023: Baianão, L’Occitane en Provence, L’Occitane au Brésil;
  • Until 06/28/2023: Casas Bahia, Vivara;
  • Through 6/29/2023: Basically, basico.com;
  • Through 6/30/2023: Natural Care, Insider Store, Utopiar, Spicy, LEGO;
  • Until 7/2/2023: Bulldozer, the luxury loyalty program;
  • Until 07/07/2023: online exchange;
  • Until 10/07/2023: Booking.com.

How to participate

See below an example of how you can take advantage of the promotion when shopping at Basically:

  1. Access is mainly via livelo website;
  2. click in “go to base”;
  3. Choose the desired product and proceed to the purchase process using the coupon “LIVELO”. [sem aspas]; that it
  4. ready! Points will be added Within 45 (forty five) days thereafter receipt or withdrawal of the product(s) and will be valid for 24 months.

Please note that, in this case, for your purchase to earn points on Livelo, you must add a voucher before payment. Remember, thoughwhose collection rules vary according to the partner store and can be referenced in the banner on the Livelo website.

An example of a purchase

Check out an example of Buying at Basically below. Note that when you select a product, it is not possible to see the result that will be bundled with your purchase. In order for your purchase to earn Livelo points, you will need to add the coupon “LIVELO” [sem aspas] into the shopping cart, before making the payment.

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We recommend that you take photos or record your computer screen during the purchase process. This way, if there is a problem, you can appeal and ensure the correct balance of your points. We have a whole tutorial that teaches how to do this.

important information

  • The validity of the promotion, as well as the period for calculating points in Livelo, varies according to the partner store;
  • There is a discrepancy in score in some partners for Clube Livelo subscribers; that it
  • The validity of the points is indicated in the Livelo list with the partner company.


Promotions are good opportunities for you to increase your Livelo points balance. Remember, however, to always compare prices with other retailers and evaluate whether the offer is a good fit for your profile.

Are you thinking of shopping? click here To access the Livelo website.

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