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Conclusion of the X Municipal Science and Culture Fair of Fortaleza . Awards Ceremony

Students Giovania Macedo and Emily Ohana, from ETI Laes Rodrigues de Almeida School, won first place in the event.

2021 marks the tenth anniversary of the Municipal Fair of Science and Culture in Fortaleza. The event was awarded on Friday noon (10/12), at Professor Darcy Ribeiro’s Academy, with medals handed out to the finalists and announcing the top three places. In all, 12 works reached the end of the competition, selected from among 30 works submitted in the third and final stage of the exhibition, which was held on December 6, 7 and 8. All students awarded in this special edition will be awarded the Bolsa Nota 10 program in the 2022 academic year. The aim of the award is to have students double for research and science in school units.

Assistant Secretary of Education Jefferson Maya commented on the release, which occurred after the COVID-19 pandemic period, and symbolizes a moment of hope for the entire municipal network. “This event is already part of the routine of the Municipal Network. But this edition is not just another awards event. It is a day that symbolizes hope. Everyone who has been here come together to tackle the period of the pandemic. It was not easy, but we won. I would like to thank every educational professional for All their struggle, support and dedication. I congratulate each student on his performance,” he recognizes.

Students Giovania Macedo and Emily Ohana took first place in the award, from the Municipal School of Integrated Timing (ETI) Lais Rodrigues de Almeida (District 6). The theme of the work was “Perceptions of the Evacuation Room and the Miserable Situation of Families in Need in the Covid Pandemic”. The students were happy with the result. “I was very happy to take first place in the show. We never wait, but it was a huge effort to get here. It was so worth it,” he celebrates.
Gold Medal Girls Work Mentor Advania Barbosa commented that this is her first year in the event. The debut actually took the number one spot and made the year special because of the achievement. “The feelings were great,” says the professor, recalling the difficulties she had in completing the work during distance education.

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In second place was ETI Professor Ademar Nunes Batista (Area 3), with work “Developing robotic bodies in experimental physics classes in moments of social isolation”. In the third were the award-winning students of the Infante Rosalina Rodrigues Municipal School (District 4), with the research “Arborizar é Fortaleza: no green, Fortaleza agoniza”.

Students get medals
The students who reached the final stage were awarded medals during the award ceremony

In the audience of the Academy, the professor were many parents of students, who took the opportunity to honor their scholar children. Elena Mora, mother of Anna Beatriz Mora Dantas, from Expedito Parente Municipal School (District 5), was proud of the small world. “I was abroad and came to honor my daughter. I was very touched. Her work was one of 12 finalists in 391 polls submitted at the show. It was great that she had never been to an event like this, not even when she was in the private network. I think that The event is a great motivator for the students,” he assesses.

Also in attendance was the coordinator of Seara da Ciência, from the Federal University of Ceará (UFC), Ilde Guedes; UFC Vice Dean of Counseling, Ruggiero Messiah, and SME Elementary Education Coordinator, Osvaldo Negreiros.

10th grade bag

The Bolsa Nota Dez program aims to enhance students’ knowledge by monitoring the activities carried out, which are aimed at strengthening pedagogical actions and projects in school units. In general, the program provides an offer of two thousand scholarships to students registered in the municipality’s network. This measure is an assumed commitment in the government’s plan and is intended to promote learning and to grant scholarship control to primary school students.

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